What Would YOU Do: Activity and Size Drops

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, army leaders were asked what they would do if their army’s activity and sizes dropped due to members returning back to school and work.

It is known in the community that there will be highs and lows for activity depending on the month of the year. Often around May, once students are released from school, armies start to grow in size. On the other hand, after a busy and exciting summer, September hits. These amazing active members and record-breaking maxes then begin to decrease as everyone returns back to school, work, and other activities. This September Drop can highly impact an army and cause their maxes to drop significantly. Nevertheless, armies who can stay strong and power through it are worthy to be admired by the community.

Leaders were asked the following:

What would you do if there was a massive dip in sizes and activity due to members returning back to school and work?

CSY, Army of CP’s Leader

To be honest, back to school dip in activity and sizes have been common for as long as CPA has been around – and we’ve been trying to gear up for this. The ACP might have started out as an army but we have evolved into much more – a true community for many of us to enjoy. So, our main focus is to be able to sustain our community and continue to grow that way – expanding our community to not just cover penguins, but also other gaming-related activities

Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader

Since RPF keeps tabs on how our sizes are each week, we’re pretty self aware of how our divisions are doing. But if we notice a significant decline in sizes, I’d hold a meeting with my HCOM about how we can adapt. Typically focusing on different event times that benefit the majority of attendees helps, and creating new ideas for events to keep members engaged. I’m confident in my co-leader Cosmo and myself to make sure RPF doesn’t take a hard dip coming into the fall season; my HCOM too, are extremely competent staff members and have the best interest in the overall community

Snork, Pizza Federation’s Leader

If there was a massive dip in size I would make a poll asking members what times suit them best for events, and I’d try and accommodate as many members as possible.
Luckily pzf has both US and EU leaders so we’re able to do multiple times to ensure that school-goers won’t miss out 🙂
We understand school and work have to come first though, so we wouldn’t try and force people to prioritise us over getting that education

Barnito, Help Force’s Leader

The September drop is something that cannot be overlooked. I’d take notice of the schedule/timings of the events and ensure that the events happen within a particular time slot. A time slot wherein most troops will be back home from school/work and hence, there would not be a massive dip in sizes. Same goes with fun events and tournaments hence, keeping the activity unscathed. Our schedule is already sustainable, even though maintaining sizes is hard, we must strive to do our best.

Regan, Ice Warriors’ Leader

Well with everyone going back to school in the next few weeks I think it’s inevitable that there is a drop in sizes coming to most, if not all armies. This doesn’t mean we give up trying to maintain sizes doe. The best thing for us all to do is to continue recruiting as hard as we can in order to continue growing our army through this difficult season. We do have a few people who have worked through the summer months after lockdown and have given their all in their free time. Hopefully with some people they might be looking for a hobby after school hours which is why we will be doing our best to branch out our recruiting hot spots and give a fun, welcoming community for all who need it.

Flav, Water Ninja’s Leader

I’d just recruit, I’m going back into education too and I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost some numbers.

All across the board, it seems that the solution to this situation would to be recruit! While recruiting is important during all times of the year, it is most important during the fall and spring in order to maintain a consistent activity level within the army. Even though the mods at CP Rewritten are clamping down on recruiters, the only thing that you can do is persevere. Another solution mentioned was determining prime times for events in order to make it available for most members. These are great ways to keep an army’s event sizes and participation up during the current September drop.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if your army’s activity and sizes dropped due to members returning back to school and work?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  1. 😦 best of luck to all armies as we hit this hard and slow time in the community


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