Barnito and Hannah Assume New Help Force Leadership Roles

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – Following the retirement of former leader, Tistle, two astonishing members recently jumped up to the task of leading the Help Force. How will the army fare with these new leadership changes?

Following Tistle’s retirement from the Help Force to focus on real life endeavours, Barnito and Hannah, two experienced HF members, are now the newly promoted Administrators in the organization. Hannah has been promoted to Chief, and Barnito assumes the top-spot rank of Commander.

The current Help Force leadership ranks.

Their most recent event consisted of a European division ‘Lasso’ takeover that saw a maximum size of 44 helpers. This came after a string of successful battles over the last several weeks, with victories against the Ice Warriors and Doritos, and even a close conflict with the top-dog Rebel Penguin Federation.

Help Force EU Lasso Takeover Event, Max 44

Club Penguin Army Hub was fortunate enough to get a very special interview with Hannah to get her thoughts on the leadership updates.

Were you and Barnito surprised when you learned of your new promotion?

We were told we would be the new leaders in Tistle’s retirement speech when it was released so when the actual time of the promotion came we weren’t surprised. It was still a significant moment as it was when we actually received our roles and becoming a leader of Help Force is truly a great achievement for me

What were your initial emotions when you heard Tistle was going to retire and you were being promoted?

I was honestly very shocked that Tistle was going to retire and I did not see it coming at all. I wasn’t expecting to be promoted for a while and didn’t think i was ready but Tistle obviously knew what he was doing. It really was sad knowing I’ve worked with him for most of my time as staff in Help Force, witnessed the heights of which he has brought us to and that he was now leaving.

Do you have any big plans to improve the Army in the near future?

I’m sure as time passes, improvements will need to be made in certain areas and i will do whatever i can to make sure they are made better, but as of now I don’t have any big plans for improvements.

Being a HICOM member of the army is a big responsibility, do you believe you can serve your community well?

I believe that i can serve the community well, especially with the rest of the HICOM team and the ideas we could come up with on improving Help Force

Barnito was also kind enough to give an official statement to CPAH regarding his new command:

Was Chief (2ic) for a bit more than 3 months. In that duration, I led side by side with Tistle, which helped a lot. That said, it helped me in knowing all the responsibilities that are present when one takes up the helm. Being the Commander is a big thing and is very exciting. Any issue to be resolved, I’d think twice or thrice and then make a decision, also taking the opinions of my staff team, etc.
I share a few of these responsibilities with Hannah, who’s the current Chief. I’m definitely ready and keen to lead HF into the new era.

It’s no secret that these two leaders are 100% willing and ready to be in a command position. What does the future seem like for Help Force? Will Barnito and Hannah lead them to further victory?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


2 Responses

  1. Hi! Yes i think Hannah and Barnito can lead HF very nicely.


  2. Great post Raider! Best of luck to Hannah and Barnito! ❤


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