Know Your Army Meme: Red Ravagers

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest issue of Know Your Meme, presented by Associate Producer Scorpion Demon. In this column, we focus a magnifying glass on the meme culture across the army community every week. Make sure you don’t split your sides while reading the column!

This issue focuses on one of the top players in the S/M army community, the Red Ravagers. Red Ravagers are well known for dominating many battles and for making the Major Top Ten quite often. But how do they perform when it comes to memes and jokes? Will they be able to impress in the same way they do on the battlefield? I decided to find out the answers by contacting Honda, Maxine, Bri and BaileyBear from the Red Ravagers. Lets take a look at the memes and jokes from this army!

Hey Ravvys, which is your favorite meme or joke from your time in Red Ravagers?

Honda: My favorite meme, I’ll have to give it to “Coup Honda.” It began Bri’s reign as the Official Coin Flipper. The original joke begun as Bri saying coup Honda with the answer being left up to a coin flip. Heads I was couped, tails I stayed. Ever since then coup Honda has been said at least 100 times and I seem to get lucky every time the flip happens cause as you can see, I haven’t been couped yet.

Writer’s Note: The flip almost always results in heads, but no one has perms to coup him.

Maxine: My favorite meme is “Spicy Italian Bread Water”. It’s one of our oldest and most relevant memes. It started out when Chaos, former 2ic, asked me what I call the members of the army and I told him I like to call them “ravvys” and he said “ravvys sounds like a cheap brand of ravioli” and then proceeded to say “come on down to chef ravvy’s and get a can of spicy italian bread water!” and I was DEAD. Idk it was so funny to me, but then we started brainstorming a backstory for “chef ravvy”. We thought it was going to be just like a one-time ‘funny moment’ but then I photoshopped chef boyardee to look like chef ravvy’s spicy itailian bread water (I spelled “italian” wrong, but it’s okay, it’s part of the joke), made it into an emote, and then we started using it for tactics and I even made our event timer bot’s pfp as spicy italian bread water.

Bri: I think my favorite meme might be me trying to retire/RR gulag or our bots. Our former 2ic, Chaos left the vc abruptly one day and Maxie sent him to the “RR gulag” and now we give people the RR gulag role whenever they do something disappointing. I think I get put in the gulag most often, for trying to quit/retire. Honda is probably second most because he always leaves the vc without saying goodbye cries. Our bots are also memes, Carl bot is 2ic with me because I refused to be 2ic without him hhahah. My favorite bot though is Topico, he rick rolls you every time you spell his name wrong LMAO. Oh I should also mention that I am not real, I am also a bot. Beep Boop.

Can you explain the “Ravager Asking Allies to Attend” meme?

Honda: It’s simply not a meme, it’s true we do ask our allies to come because we will always repay the favour by pinging for the event and going to the event in general. We love our allies and we do what we can to help them back

Bri: Nah its a meme you goon hahah. Some of our best friends are from other armies and we try to attend each others events when we can. Anyways Bailey took the Bernie Sanders “I am once again asking” meme and made him a ravager asking for help! wheeze Bailey and I like send it to our troops and sometimes our closest friends/allies right before we have an event because its such a (can I say damn) funny way to remind people of an event hahahah.

What is the phrog leg meme?

BaileyBear: The meme started when I went on vacation and got a new shirt and I took a full body selfie wearing it, and in the selfie, I popped my leg up like that. I didn’t notice anything wrong with it until I showed it to the gang and Max sent a zoomed-in picture of my leg, and Zamb goes “dawg ur legs good?” “look like a phrog leg”. At the time this happens, we are all in VC and Max goes in her auto-tune voice “LOOKINN LIKEE A PHROG LEGgGggGGggGG” and I die laughing. Everyone starts laughing in VC and MAX WON’T STOP SAYING IT AND SENDING THE PICTURE. So, we are dying, especially me and Aisha, but I’m causing Aisha’s death mostly cause she is laughing at how hard I am laughing. We laugh for like 30 mins in VC over this picture and Max saying Zamb’s quote, they thought I was actually gonna die, I think. After this, we begged until phrog was made into an emote. Mostly now it is used for skribble, making fun of my constant wheezing, or when Aisha and I say hey we start with “PHROG”.

Who is Balto?


Maxine: So basically, I found this one meme and it was about this “ghost/demon” named Beto and he was scary asf so I sent it to the main chat in RR just to like talk about it. A few days later, Manu came in and sent walter. I had just gotten photoshop, so to practice, I was like “I’m going to put beto’s head on walter’s body” and voila, Balto was born. We got the name Balto from squishing walter and beto together. Since then, a discord account named balto#8295 was created and balto developed a backstory and behavior from talking in chat. No one knows who the real balto is.

What’s the story behind the Bri Emote

Bri: Ahhhh the bri emote. My pride and joy lmfao. So if I ever had trouble contributing to the conversation I would simply send :popcorn: in chat and if something was particularly interesting or juicy I would hit the chat with a combo :eyes: :popcorn: (you know as if I was like snacking away on popcorn at a movie lol). Eventually, I found what is now known as the brispopcorn/bri emote. I was literally obsessed with it and used it for everything. But alas tragedy struck when the server it was from got deleted. insert crying here So Bailey stole it for me yuh yuh!! I use the emote so often that it got added to other servers and they named it bri. Then I wanted to make the emote a little more spicy and asked Maxie to ravvify it. AND THE EMOTE RR_BRI WAS BORN. Now we’re on a mission to get a bri emote in nearly every army, customized for that army of course. YUH YUH. We even have a whole server called “Bri Emote Paradise” for all your brinquires. ANYWAYS it’s become a popular tactic for other armies to use against us and I absolutely love it lmfao. It’s my version of a sip tea emote.

sh*t my answer is so long

Who is the person who gets memed upon/joked upon the most?

Maxine: I’m gonna have to say either Honda or Bri. Honda gets joke-couped a lot and we always make fun of Bri for her spelling

BaileyBear: Yeah definitely Bri or Honda

Bri: dang yall really called me and Honda a whole ass meme. cries in code

Whatever that could be said now would be under shadowed by that hilarious conversation. Red Ravagers certainly live up to the expectations of great memes that the community has from them. Good luck to the Ravvys for the future of their meme culture, and of course in their future endeavors.

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer 


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