The Eagre Foray: Day Four, Evening the Scores

ALASKA, Battle Server – The fourth day of war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics has concluded. What went down in today’s battle?

On September 3rd, Special Weapons and Tactics and the Water Vikings logged on for two brutally fought battles. These armies have been at war since August 26th and each battle has been extremely close with similar sizes and performances.

The first skirmish of today was an AUSIA battle at 3:00am EST, where the armies logged on for a SWAT invasion of the Vikings’ server, Wool Socks. While the Water Vikings maxed 25, SWAT just barely had an advantage with a maximum size of 28 penguins.

The battle for Wool Socks

This battle went into overtime, due to similar sizes and tactic speed.  SWAT took the first room, both armies tied in the second room, and the Vikings triumphed in the third room, causing an overtime to go into effect. However, SWAT was able to pull ahead and succeed in invading Wool Socks after taking the fourth and final room, making the results 2-1-1 in favor of SWAT. Madhav, Sirplus, and Julia judged this battle and afterwards Madhav commented with:

The battle was extremely close and difficult to judge. It could’ve gone either way, really. SWAT had the cleaner forms and faster tactics in the first room along with a slight side advantage. In the second room, both sides did great bombs and had even numbers throughout so this room was a tie. The third room was WV’s best room and they made nice formations along with fast tactics to give them the victory. The OT room was the hardest to judge by far. Both sides did amazing wipe bombs but I think that the L SWAT made ultimately gave them the victory as they used it well and maintained speed and an ability to cover. Overall, this was a difficult battle to judge and both sides fought well!

Battle Results

The second and final battle of the day was a Water Vikings’ invasion of Sardines, a SWAT server. The two armies logged on to Alaska to battle at 3:00pm EST. This battle was incredibly close, but with the Water Vikings maxing 32 penguins compared to SWAT’s 27, the odds seemed to be slightly tipped in favor of the Vikings.

The battle for Sardine

Again, this battle went into overtime and both armies gave it their all for every tactic and formation. With the first room ending in a Water Viking victory, the second room resulting with a SWAT victory, and the third room resulting in a tie, tensions were high for the results of the final room. The Water Vikings were able to pull ahead in the final room and successfully invade Sardines, making day 4 in this war a tie. Solo judge PINK commented this after the EU battle:

The battle today had a lot going on. Both Water Vikings and SWAT started out with unbelievably fast tactics that I had not seen in either of them until today. Each room left space for very few mistakes, but eventually the Vikings were victorious through higher sizes and forms that showed their size.

2nd Battle Results

With the Vikings and SWAT each triumphing in one skirmish today, how will they fare in future battles? Will the war continue to see another day considering both armies are fighting heartily?

What do YOU think? Which army will prevail? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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