Lessons From Veterans: Buddy

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In this weekly series, we pay our Club Penguin army veterans a penny for their thoughts. We’re here to learn their Venmo information as well as find and share their wisdom through interviews. What can we learn from this edition?


Lessons from Veterans is a simple way to find wisdom you otherwise wouldn’t have found. We look up to our legends and veterans for their outrageous amount of years here and their ability to pull through harrowing experiences. In our ninth edition of Lessons from Veterans, we take a look at Buddy’s experience and wisdom.


The veteran we look at today began his army career in 2012. His first opportunity to lead was in his first army, the Night Divers. Buddy took a break from armies but came back in 2014 to lead Air Force to number one in SMAC and SMAP. He eventually merged them with the Water Vikings, his most steady army. After a few months there, Buddy moved on to lead the Pretzels. Late 2015 he led the Marines and then left to go back to Water Vikings to fight multiple wars. After a brief break, Buddy returned to lead and helped maintain the top spot in CPAC Top Ten throughout the summer of 2016. He later led Rebel Penguin Federation, Golds, but left armies after that. He returned in 2020 to lead the Pretzels once again, but his most recent tenure has been in Water Vikings once again.

What is the general theme you’ve tried to uphold in CPA?

I’d like to answer using three words. Friendliness, loyalty and humbleness. I believe that rather than being toxic, treating people the way you’d like to be treated is key in CPA, especially when it comes to creating strong bonds with your troops and with other armies. As for loyalty, I’ve always stayed true to my roots. The Water Vikings. It means much more to me to be known for my work in one army, consistently over the years than to hop from one army to the next and show off how many different armies you’ve led. Being humble is another quality I stand behind. Though it’s easy to sometimes get carried away during a tournament or war, being humble rather than gloating and harassing others is something I truly believe is a useful tool in the community, and something that clearly gets lost upon some people.

What was the hardest thing you’ve overcome in your CPA career?

Definitely being exposed for multilogging. Twice. It was a stupid mistake, and gaining the trust of my peers was always difficult because I really wanted to be seen as someone who my armies can rely on. Being seen as a “cheater” were some of the low points of my career. However, I owned up to my mistakes and was transparent about them both times.

What lessons have you learned from here that have transferred over to real life?

Patience. It can get tough when you lead an army and have to guide some “noobier” troops into understanding what the idea of armies is all about. I’ve had some real difficult experiences in the past cough tomapro cough trying to explain what seems so easy to us, but so difficult for them. Nonetheless I’ve always kept my composure and took the time to guide these troops through the learning process. This has certainly helped me in my real life experiences, especially in my field of work.

What wisdom do you take to heart?

“Friends & family over popularity”

Mr. Buddy has undoubtedly learned much from his tenure in armies. From treating everyone with a good heart to reacting in patience, Buddy shows an amazing set of core values. If Buddy can put friends and family over acting or being popular, surely we can too. Stand out of the crowd, stay humble. Come back next week to hear more lessons learned the hard way by veterans and learn something new! Peace out!

What do YOU think of this edition? Will YOU take what Buddy says to heart? Comment YOUR opinion down below!

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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