Recon Federation and Templars Form ‘Brotherhood of the Banned’ Alliance; Ice Warriors Raid Battle

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Recon Federation Empire – The ‘Pact of the Dragon’ has been signed between the Templars and Recon Federation, solidifying their new alliance. But could their new friendship be put into jeopardy as the Templars allies, the Ice Warriors, raid their latest friendly battle?

Shockwaves were sent through the community last month when all but one of the army representatives voted for the Templars and Recon Federation to be removed from the league aspect of the Army Hub organisation. This came after a string of highly sensitive evidence was unearthed regarding both armies.

News of the alliance first broke when a practice battle “between allies” was scheduled. While both peaked at 18 penguins, they exchanged an array of supporting word tactics, as depicted in the image below.

The first RFCP-TCP practice battle.

A treaty named ‘Pact of the Dragon‘ was finalised and signed on August 11th, nearly a month ago. The said treaty “lacks a military emphasis, and is instead focused on verbal support and advocacy for one another”.

Pact of the Dragon, signed August 11th.

News of the alliance concerned many Recon Federation soldiers, who recalled Templars creator Xing targeting leader Prior Bumble with “derogatory remarks” before and around a heated TCP-RFCP battle earlier this Summer. However, Prior has ensured his soldiers the Templars higher command and leadership have “turned over a new leaf” – describing newest leader Otter as “kind-mannered” and stating long-serving leaders Xing and Freedomist have made goodwill gestures to the Federation.

Messages between Prior Bumble and Xing. Click to enlarge.

Most recently, however, another practice battle between friends was raided by the Ice Warriors. The Templars and Ice Warriors are known to be strong allies, as the Templars transferred their empire to them twice in recent months – once when invaded by the Recon Federation and another following the Army of Club Penguin’s declaration of war.

Although Recon leader Prior Bumble stated “The two banned brothers stood strong” – is this really the case? The Ice Warriors have had the battle scheduled for several days as against a ‘mystery army’, indicating the raid was not spontaneous. We spoke to Templar creator Xing for more information:

I’ll be straight up with you. I wanted to PB IW and RFCP. IW had an event at the same time so it wasn’t even a raid. Icey came to me and asked if he could PB because they had an event at the same time. Since they already had an event I couldn’t really deny. I couldn’t tell RFCP since it was so quick and sudden. But me not being able to communicate in such a short period of time won’t affect our relationship.

From here, we contacted the Federation’s Prior Bumble, who said he had no idea the Ice Warriors and Templars had been in communication before the battle. His full response was as follows:

It doesn’t sound like Templars had much of a say. It was an “I mean, sure?” moment for both of us when IW came. My temper is pretty famous, but I’m not gonna get mad at my boys because IW is obsessed with us. There are lots of people in IW I genuinely love and care for. I’d love a similar type of alliance with IW in the future if we can set aside hatred

Ice Warriors raid the TCP-RFCP battle.

It is clear there has been a lack of communication between the Templars and Recon Federation surrounding the Ice Warrior raid of their battle. Could this conflict result in a breakdown of the Templar-Recon Federation alliance? Will the Ice Warriors raid more events in the future? The Army Hub will continue to monitor this situation.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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