Doritos Release Public Condemnation of ‘The Warrior Alliance’

SUMMIT, DORITOS HISTORIC CAPITAL – Following the release of this week’s top ten, the Doritos surprisingly published a post condemning the actions committed by both Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, who make up an alliance known as The Warrior Alliance.

The Doritos of Club Penguin historically has a rivalry against the Ice Warriors, which exists in today’s private server era. Since the two powers returned, they’ve engaged in several battles and continue to fight outside of Club Penguin. The Dark Warriors too saw several disparagements against Doritos, which led to the establishment of ‘The Warrior Alliance‘. An altercation earlier in the year led to the alliance, as well as the Rebel Penguin Federation, declaring war over inappropriate images, sexism portrayed by an owner, and other criticism. As a result, the Doritos “isolated” from the league and have since seen recent success through a partnership on Super Club Penguin.

During the brief Black Ice Alliance vs. Doritos war, the Ice Warriors’ invasion was the only one they’ve shown up to and unfortunately lost.

In an unofficial rebuttal to the alliance’s recent actions titled, “The Truth About TWA”, both the current Doritos leadership and advising legends compiled several reasons to condemn both Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors. Before listing proofs, the Doritos made their intentions clear to “open [the community’s] eyes” and bring their wrongful activity to the public’s view. Reasons include private servers made to insult individuals, false pedophilia allegations, releasing personal information, and inappropriate tactics targeting a person’s appearance. In the images provided by the post, current and former leaders, higher command, and advisors from both armies were involved in several of the proofs.

Dark Warriors advisor and legend Spi leaked an image of a Doritos’ leader. Although the image is censored, CP Army Hub blurred it out to protect their identity.

Former Ice Warriors leader Madhav is shown performing a tactic referring to former Doritos leader Vivala.

One reason brought up by the Doritos dates back to their infamous stream with CP Private Server YouTuber Gokhan137, where members of the Ice Warriors and other armies raided the stream and prompted others to unsubscribe for supporting the Doritos. As the chat flooded with angry viewers attacking Gokhan, a few troops took the opportunity to sponsor their own armies. Messages included in the chat such as “Imagine supporting homophobia, sexism, and racism in 2020” caused Gokhan to end his stream early and back away from possible army partnerships. The Doritos criticize the angered viewers for hypocrisy, as the other evidence in the post demonstrates offensive behavior.

Gokhan’s chat, filled with angry fans because of his decision to associate with the Doritos.

CP Army Hub attempted to get a statement from both an Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors leader. Fortunately, we’ve received a statement from both Shinde and Freezie, who lead Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Here is what they had to say about the situation:

Shinde, Ice Warriors Leader

Ice Warriors of CP fully apologises for all of its actions in the past. Those words shouldn’t have been said. However we feel that Doritos of CP – by making this post – is doing this in bad faith. IW will be releasing a post about DCP and its behaviour soon. Stay frosty!

Freezie, Dark Warriors Leader

DW is very confused as to why a CPAH admin, who is supposed to be impartial, took a personal situation between myself and him and showed it to the Doritos in a pathetic attempt to make me look bad. Eden and Luciferstar were the first ones to threaten me & we have the dms to back it up. A ceo taking a screenshot completely out of context and showing it to an opposition army is completely unprofessional, but it’s what I’ve grown to expect from this organisation.

As for the Doritos, IW are currently making a statement on that later tonight. DW is extremely disappointed that CPAH choose to involve themselves in this.

Shinde apologizes for her army’s past actions, but at the same time cannot ignore the Doritos’ recent behavior, which will be released in an upcoming post. On the other hand, Freezie believes that the screenshots were a breach of trust and is in support of the Ice Warriors’ upcoming post. The Doritos concluded their post stating that they intend on providing a voice for armies that fear the “control” of The Warrior Alliance, as well as a vow to rise to the top.

What do YOU think? How will the Doritos condemnation post affect their tensions against the Warrior Alliance? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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