The Eagre Foray: Day Five, Equal Scores

ALASKA, Battle Server – The fifth day of the war between the Special Weapons and Tactics and Water Vikings has come to an end, but what exactly took place in today’s confrontations?

On the September 5th, Special Weapons and Tactics and the Water Vikings logged on for two battles. These two armies have been engaged in a brutal war since August 26th, after the Vikings declared war on SWAT. So far, all of the battles fought during this war have been extremely close, with multiple battles going into overtime. 

The first encounter of today was an AUSIA skirmish which took place at 12:00 pm UTC. This particular battle was for SWAT’s server Fiesta, which the Water Vikings were invading. While SWAT were able to max 22 troops, the Vikings gained the ever so slight size advantage by maxing 26 troops.

The melee concluded with a 1-0-2 outcome: Water Vikings managed to win the first room, however the second and third rooms came to a draw. Both armies put up a great fight, showing great skill with their formations and tactics. The only judge for this battle, Lightningmcj, commented:

In room 1, WV was faster and had a major size difference. However, that size difference evaporated and the armies’ speeds were similar going forward from then. WV had a better balance of emoji to word tactics, and both armies had moments when their formation choice was very good and poor. Great job by both armies!

Battle for Fiesta

The second encounter of the day was for the ownership of the server Mittens. This time, SWAT was the army invading, thus putting the Water Vikings on the defense. It seems that the roles were reversed this time, as SWAT maintained a size advantage for the entire battle. SWAT maxed an astounding 35 troops, while the Water Vikings were able to max 27.

The encounter ended as a 2-0-1 win for SWAT, who won the first and the third room and tied the second one. Both armies were very fast with their formations and tactics. Here’s what the judge PINK had to say about the battle :

Congratulations to Special Weapons and Tactics for winning Mittens! They had the size advantage the whole way through. During the first room, SWAT was overall faster. Room two had a good enough defence from WV, but only enough for a tie. The last room SWAT pulled through and won. Good job to both armies!

SWAT Invasion of Mittens

With both armies trading and capturing the other’s territory, one can only wonder where this war is going. As of right now, the Water Vikings have scheduled another invasion in an attempt to reclaim the land that was stolen from them, Mittens. Both sides added to their score for this roller coaster war, which is now set at 5-1-2, with five wins for the Vikings, one battle drawn and two wins for SWAT. Who will triumph on Day Six of the war?

Who do YOU think will emerge victorious from this war? Let us know in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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