A War Of Words: Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Doritos Release Further Exposé’s

Update 2: The Doritos third post, “Round 3: Losing Brain Cells“, has been published.

Update: The War of Words continues as the Ice Warriors release their second exposé: “Round 2: DCP Got The Whole Squad Laughing“.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – Less than 24 hours after the Doritos released a shocking condemnation of ‘The Warriors Alliance’, the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors leaderships have issued a counter ‘expose’ of their own, with the Doritos hot on their heels in their response.

Yesterday saw the Doritos release a public condemnation of the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors alliance, known as ‘The Warrior Alliance‘.  The website post included an array of allegations of varying severity, including “highly inappropriate battle tactics” and “toxicity” dating back to the infamous Gokhan137 YouTube stream.

Meerrkat’s introduction taken from the first Doritos post.

The long-awaited, official response from the Ice Warriors leadership was released not even 24 hours later. In a post entitled, “The Disgusting Truth About DCP“, Ice Warriors leader Flamez describes the Doritos and its leaders as “twisted and creepy” and even included the ominous statement: “Karma always comes back around“. The wide-ranging allegations mostly concerned leaders Meerrkat and 32op, as well as other key figures such as Jester and Maroon.

The Ice Warrior exposé was penned by leader Flamez.

Dark Warrior Legend Spi101 aired his thoughts on the Dark Warriors website too, in a sharp-tongued post labelled “The Pathetic Nature of the Doritos“. In particular, he noted his bewilderment that the Doritos believed him to still represent the Dark Warriors army considering how “closed off and distanced” he is from the current community. Spi refers to ‘original army’ conflicts between the Dark Warriors and Doritos, as well as the infamous Dorito-exposé that was released by estranged leader Mustapha10 earlier this year.

Spi101 has his say on the Doritos.

The Doritos leadership were very quick with their response, as just hours later they released a second ‘exposé’, “The Hypocrisy of the Ice Warriors“, which detailed even more screenshots, accusations and their response to the allegations made by the Ice Warriors. Leader Meerrkat also apologised for his use of a racial slur and stated he grew up in an area in which it was normalised.

The most recent DCP/IW in-game conflict: the March Madness/August Sadness Semi-Finals.

In the last twenty four hours the community has witnessed a catastrophic conflict that transcends Club Penguin emotes on a battlefield. In what can only be described as ‘flame’ posts reminiscent of foreign policy seen in the ‘original’ army community, prior to 2017, the Doritos, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors are at loggerheads. Could this conflict be taken onto the battlefield soon? Will things continue to escalate? Or has everyone said their piece?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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