Smurf Removed From Romans Leadership Following Conflict Of Interest

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans Empire – Army leaders fall apart quite often owing to differences in opinion. In some of these cases, the issue is discontent with the performance of a certain individual. Consequent to several conflicts with the current leadership, Roman Legate Smurf was fired from the army with immediate effect on September 8th.

The latest generation of the Romans was started on July 28th under the leadership of Games, Dino and Pink. Since then, the Romans have progressed quite well in the S/M army community. They have maintained a decent position in the Top Ten, and have seen consistent sizes for quite some time now. Several leadership changes occurred during their short life in the army community. Notable figures such as Meerkat, Leila and Sarahah have been seen leading this army.

Romans Maxing 15 in a Practice Battle Against Army of Club Penguin.

Smurf made his return to the Romans on August 25th. Smurf, also known as W;P, led the army in 2017, until their shutdown in 2018. Before being inducted as the leader, Smurf was a part of the National Government of the Romans. Furthermore, he is also credited with having played a role in reviving the current Romans generation. W;P on his return had discussed his plan to implement new ideas in the army. His goal was to introduce innovative events into the army and usher in a brand new era.

The firing of Smurf comes as a shock for many, as it seemed that the members of the army had a good relationship with this leader. Smurf is also known as one of the most senior leaders of the Romans. In the end, the conflicts with the leadership’s opinions were too many for him to remain in the army. Here’s what current Romans leader Games had to say about this removal:

The reason Smurf was fired as he cancelled a Practice-Battle for an RP event that was later cancelled anyway. The Romans will continue to move forward with our daily routines, sadly without Smurf as a legate.

Dino added to Games’ words, stating:

Smurf in general hasn’t contributed too much this generation. Smurf dedicated very little to the army this time around, and when he did, he pushed an one minded agenda. When we relied on him to lead in battles, he refused. And, when he didn’t refuse, he led at a very slow speed. Smurf was more focused on “Nova Roman Empire” than the CPRomans. The final straw was when smurf knowingly refused to schedule an important practice battle and instead scheduled a “RP event”. After the schism among the guardians happened, Smurf went completely inactive and refused to work things out with the other leaders. He didn’t show up or even ping remind for the RP event. When we pinged in leaders chat a hour after when the RP event was supposed to happen, he responded immediately to us but in invisible mode. That’s when I knew he didn’t care about Romans. He purposely replaced an important PB with an RP event that he purposely refused to host. That hurts morale and causes confusion. He later clarified in event info 2 or so hours after the event was supposed to happen saying it was cancelled due to “internal drama”. I confirm there was a leader schism, but we all agreed to immediately put that aside. After all, that schism was for stupid reasons. The fact that he took that so emotionally and sabotaged our TT scoring (along with being very incompetent and one minded this generation) gave me only one choice: firing. I am not shaming Smurf’s previous achievements. After all, according to Twitchy, he is the only CPPS Roman worthy to be called a “Roman Legend”. But his current state doesn’t align with his past. He was the only guardian who vetoed the revival in July and told us to move to “Stardrew Village”. And when he randomly asked me if he could lead again, he didn’t meet our high expectations.

Besides that, the CP Army Hub team was also provided with proof of W;P allegedly attempting to overthrow Dino from his leadership position:

Picture of a chat between the Romans leaders and Smurf.

Soon after Smurf was removed from the leadership, Dino made an announcement saying that the Romans will be returning to functioning singularly as a Club Penguin army. The Romans had decided to rename themselves as the Nova Roman Empire after their foray into various other gaming aspects. Does this announcement sound the death knell for this venture?

Dino’s announcement regarding the revamp.

It is obvious that there was a serious conflict of interests between Smurf and the Roman Legates. To find out about W;P’s thoughts on his being fired, the CP Army Hub team reached out to him for a statement:
Note: This statement contains strong language, if you are offended by such content, please maintain discretion.

This was, A. Not my fault. B. Bogus given my seniority. C. A byproduct of a civil war. So, there’s been some disunity in the staff recently between two factions of event types. The war ministry plotted against the IEP, and tried to get our admins and leaders removed. Our current main leader Dino, who’s a massive t***, decided he’d fire the most senior leader he had. I’m still an advisor and whatnot, but it’s really disheartening to see my own people turn against me for the dumbest f*****g reason.So yeah, this is all because of disunity and civil war in the army

Smurf’s statement gives the impression that the Romans are facing serious issues within the army. Furthermore, their leadership seems to be at odds with each other, displaying several conflicts of interest. Hopefully, the return to being only a Club Penguin army will help the army become stable. The Roman Legates will certainly do their best to help their army move forward from this low point and keep achieving the success that their previous generations have.

What do YOU think? Will the Romans continue to show their strength in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


One Response

  1. Hey, I’m from the Romans staff team and I noticed some lies/inaccuracies in this post that I’d like to correct.

    1) Games claimed that Smurf cancelled a PB in favor of an RP event. This is a lie because they were scheduled on different days (the PB for Friday and the RP event for Saturday) and their cancellations were actually due to loss of morale and unprepardness resulting from staff disunity. Maybe Games said this because he wanted a PB scheduled for Saturday; if so he did not make this known when the event schedule was getting decided on, so if that’s the case it’s on him.
    >Ss showing the PB was scheduled for Friday: (it was rescheduled a few times but it never spilled over into Saturday) || Ss showing the RP event was scheduled for Saturday:

    2) Dino claimed that Smurf refused to lead battles. This is a lie. Cobra and Dino decided that each room should be lead by only one person the entire time and Smurf was rarely given an opportunity to lead. You can see here Cobra threatening to take Smurf’s perms if he lead: In the few times Smurf got to lead, he lead to his best ability and did well. They were trying to spin this that Smurf didn’t contribute and didn’t care about Romans but that’s a false narrative. If this were actually the case then why did Smurf rejoin in the first place?

    3) Dino claimed that Smurf went inactive after the schism, however it is important to note that he had already been fired at this point. Smurf didn’t feel welcome in the army anymore and was taking a well-deserved break. Dino also said Smurf refused to work things out with the other leaders but they never made an attempt to work anything out.

    4) Dino claimed that Smurf cancelled the RP event 2 hours after it was scheduled. This is a lie. He actually cancelled it approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes before it was scheduled. Smurf’s cancellation announcement was deleted, however I have some DMs where I was advising him on what to say that can prove this.
    >Ss of the aforementioned DMs with the date: || Ss of the aforementioned DMs with the times:

    5) Dino tried to pin the infighting and the event cancellations (which as he said effected Romans’ Top Tens scoring) on Smurf when in reality all sides were contributing to it. Dino even tried to claim supreme power over Romans and usurp the authority the other guardians have over Romans, which he admits here:

    6) The post shows a ss where Smurf made remarks about Dino needing a break and spins it as an attempt to coup Dino. This is dishonest. Smurf had just noticed CPA had been putting a lot of pressure on Dino and that it has been effecting him personally. He thought Dino needed a break. This is obviously not a coup attempt.

    7) The honest truth about Smurf’s removal is he was removed because he disagreed with the other leaders. It’s disappointing that they lied to spin this other ways.


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