Tyler Takes on Crystal Cowboy Leadership!

UNKNOWN, Crystal Cowboy Empire – The Crystal Cowboys witness another change in their army after they hire a new leader, Tyler. How was Tyler hired, and why?

The Crystal Cowboys, formally known as the Coup Crusaders, formed in May of this year by Stevos, Earthling, and Olimad3. Since their creation, they have been through several high-pressure situations. From a run in with the Army of Club Penguin, to colonizing with Ice Warriors, and then splitting off and moving in with the Doritos, they just can’t catch a break. Throughout all those developments have included leadership shifts, and they have recently welcomed Tyler to that leadership.

Tyler’s story may be more interesting than the Coup Crusaders, though. After being recruited by the Ice Warriors in March, he soon left for Mopia, and then the Vikings, where he ranked up to a moderator position. After the closure of Vikings, Tyler joined the Pirates until their termination. He moved on and joined the One Direction Army, Special Weapons and Tactics, and finally, the Crystal Cowboys. Tyler ranked up to a high command position and eventually promoted to first-in-command.

The Club Penguin Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Tyler about his opinions about the promotion.

What’s it like to be leading the Crystal Cowboys?

It’s pretty fun i’d say, still trying to learn how to improve the army

Do you have any changes you’re gonna implement right away to better help the army?

At the moment I don’t really see anything wrong but we’ll see in the future

What’s your main goal while leading the Crystal Cowboys?

Being able to make the army go forward and growing, helping the hcom that were already there too

Tyler is in store for a lot as a Crystal Cowboy leader. This is his first opportunity to lead, and so far he has not opened up to any plans. Surely he’s keeping them hidden because they are always busy. What’s in store for their future with Tyler, the secretive leader?

What do YOU think about Tyler’s promotion? Will he bring in big changes? Comment YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!

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