Water Ninjas Welcome New Leaders

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Ninjas Empire – Significant changes have been made to the Water Ninjas’ leadership with the inaugurations of four new leaders. How will the army fare with these recent leadership additions?

Water Ninjas, a colony of the Ice Warriors, was created in July 2012 by Jayden1092 and Mario86385 and ran up to February 2017. During this period, the Ninjas had many successes, consistently hitting sizes of 30 plus troops. During their six original generations, they often became inactive but returned with more passion each time. Although they closed down in 2017, the Water Ninjas were revived once again for their seventh generation this August.

There have been multiple leader promotions, with the Water Ninjas welcoming IceQueen1020, Semi, Purple05, and kayles as their new leaders. When former leaders Firestar8 and SCargo2 stepped down from the leadership, Flav was left as the only leader of the army. These exciting promotions were made in an effort to forge together a stronger leadership team. Ice Warriors leader Regan announced the promotions in the Water Ninjas’ Discord server on September 6th:

Announcement by Regan promoting the leaders

Purple has been playing Club Penguin since 2008 but only joined the army community this May. She is a trusted staff member in the Ice Warriors and she joined Water Ninjas this August. Ever since joining the Ninjas, she has been extremely dedicated and hardworking to earn her leadership position.

IceQueen joined the army community recently this April through the Ice Warriors, where she is a trusted staff member. She began as a staff member in the Water Ninjas and has moved up their ranks rapidly ever since joining. 

Semi has been a part of several armies, debuting in the Pirates in March 2020 as a member. Later, he joined the Golds in April, rising to Second in Command position. After two months with the Golds, he created his own army, the Fighter Pilots. Semi remained as its leader for two months before stepping down to Third in Command for a month. He is now with Ice Warriors as their Fourth in Command. 

Kayles joined the Ice Warriors in April 2020 and then joined Water Ninjas as Third in Command. He was promoted to the leader position a few days ago, due to his hard work and dedication. He has also been a member of the higher command of several Ice Warrior colonies like the Hold Bugs Army and the Coup Crusaders prior to their rebranding to the Crystal Cowboys.

The Water Ninjas currently max an average of thirty troops and are focused on fun events and practice battles.

Recent practice battle between the Water Ninjas and the Water Vikings

To gain a deeper insight behind the mass promotion, CP Army Hub reached out to Ice Warriors leader Regan for a statement on what has been brought to the army since they revived.

Well the decision to promote our 3 new colony leaders today and kayles a few days ago came after the recent retirement of firestar and how current leader, Flav has become busy with him starting uni. I took applications within my staff team, They have goals to become IW leaders one day and I feel that WN is a good opportunity for them to learn the basics in such a demanding job. With our former colonies we were involved in invasions/defences ect. WN is different and is for the sole purpose of having fun events and pbs, and to give our staff a chance of leading. This will help massively in terms of the future of IW and the fun future WN has.

The Ninjas hope that their new kingpins will help them reinforce the leadership of the army. It will be interesting to witness how these new leaders blend into the army. Will they really help make the army stronger? Or will their efforts be all in vain? Only time can tell how this current scenario will play out.

What do YOU think? Will these leadership changes be enough to propel the Ninjas to the top again? Can it gain the same success it had years ago? Let us know in the comments section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. Congrats Kayles, Purple, IceQueen and Semi ❤


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