Leader Life Stories: Mare, One Direction Army

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Capital – Although the worldwide phenomenon and heartthrob boy band One Direction is no longer together, a Club Penguin army dedicated to them still stands strong: the One Direction Army. This week we chat with one of the One Direction Army leaders, Mare, about her Club Penguin army story.

Despite seeming to be a meme army at first glance, the One Direction Army has time and time again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. We have seen them get involved with quite a few wars including but not limited to the war with the Golden Troops, as well as involvement in the Ice Warriors vs. Doritos war, which dates back to March this year. Throughout all the tension and drama that this community can bring, the leadership of the One Direction Army has remained constant.

Mare joined the army community in April of 2020 and was quickly thrown into a staff position in Special Weapons And Tactics. Since this was the beginning of her journey in armies, she was taken aback by this overwhelming experience and high rank. During this time, Mare was also involved with the Golds when they were up and running under the CP Army League. A few months passed for Mare and she found herself becoming even more active in SWAT under Zuke’s leadership. She remained in SWAT until months later, where she joined the One Direction Army.

The One Direction Army was opened on April 26th, 2020, and is thriving under the leadership of Mare and the other leaders Aubz, Nelly, and Grace. Throughout Mare’s time leading the musical army, there are several things that she credits to their success. One of these things is the fact that we have seen the army place in the S/M Top Ten several times since their opening. Another thing that she would like to credit to the success of the One Direction Army is when Aubz decided to rebrand them to the “WAP’s of CP”, after a popular Tik Tok dance.

One Direction Army During a WAP Event.

The CP Army Hub was able to catch up with Mare and get to know her life inside and outside of the Army Community.

Thank you for agreeing to be in this edition of Leader Life Stories! My first question is what made you get started in armies?

In May/April, before ODA, I was on CPO discord channel. I never knew about armies, however, one day this guy named Jaylen (whos apparently 6ft and can DUNK) asked if I wanted to become a moderator in SWAT. I had no idea what that even meant, but I accepted the position. However, although I was staff in SWAT, my main army ended up being Golds. Then later on, I actually ended up talking in SWAT one day and liked it a lot! I became a Warlord in old SWAT.

Very interesting. What has been your favorite memory in this community so far?

My favorite moments in armies was when I met pizza gang for the first time. He was a role model and showed me how to be a true leader. He fought to be here and is the hardest working leader I know of.

Ah yes, Pizza Gang, what a lad. What are some of your hobbies outside of armies?

I really enjoy painting and photography. Maybe I can paint you like a french girl one day? Also, I am known to be a fan of a losing football team, the Chicago Bears.

The life of a One Direction Army leader was not one that we would all expect it to be. On one hand, a once expected meme army turned out to be a rather dominant army in the small-medium community, on the other hand, it is clear that Mare still has her meme tendencies as we have seen from the ‘TikTok tactics’ and the rebranding.
What do YOU think? How will ODA continue to be successful under Mare’s leadership? Is ODA still a meme army to you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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