Tamales Defacement And Shutdown Following Colonization Under Recon Federation

DEEP FREEZE, Tamales’ Empire – After the People’s Imperial Confederation merged with the Water Troops just weeks ago to create the Tamales, their server was defaced and shut down after their colonization under the Recon Federation. 

The Tamales were created on August 16th, when the People’s Imperial Confederation decided to merge with the Water Troops, following a decrease in engagement from both armies. The Tamales were to serve as a fresh start, being created by Sidie9, Emma, Lukey, and Bryce

After much debate, Tamales leaders decided to colonize under the Recon Federation, to hopefully increase event attendance and participation. Before this colonization, the Tamales already had connections to the Recon Federation, even with Prior Bumble being in the Tamales server as an advisor. Due to this previous involvement within the Tamales, it appears that this colonization has been in the works for some time.

However, after the announcement of the colonization was made, it was met with some resistance from both troops and mods of the server. The creators of the army were not happy with this colonization as it was done without their approval and went against the morals that they set for the army.

Announcement of colonization.

Before the defacement, multiple Recon Federation members were joining the Tamales server, likely as a result of different announcements being made. As these members were joining they were being instantly banned by Bryce. In addition to this, he made comments in their chats telling the members to “get out” as he was “banning all”:

Bryce in the Tamales server.

Less than 5 hours after the Tamales were colonized under the Recon Federation, the army’s Discord server saw a complete defacement. Upon opening the server, members were met with a blank channel list, with the only accessible channel being ‘#main-en’. Regardless of there only being one channel accessible, members were not able to chat in it, as the permissions were set to view only. In addition to this there were, allegedly, server name changes, members banned, and more.

Tamales Discord server after defacement.

An anonymous source approached the CP Army Hub with sufficient evidence regardless of who defaced the server. With screenshotted messages regarding the defacement, one of the creators of the Tamales admitted that they in fact defaced the server.

Bryce admitting to “killing” the Tamales.

Bryce stating that the creators did not support the colonization.

This defacement was not a mystery to solve, as not long after the defacement, Bryce openly admitted the fact in the CP Army Hub’s ‘#main-chat’. After multiple questions were being asked regarding the state of the Tamales, Bryce stated that the army was dead and that he “killed them”:

Bryce speaking in CP Army Hub’s main chat.

To continue, nearly an hour later, the Tamales were shut down by the creators of the army. In an announcement on their Discord server, Em stated that the army isn’t being upheld to the creators’ standards, and is being shut down immediately. Although, following this announcement, Bryce stated that the Nachos Special Services will be revived and he encouraged members to join once it is ready:

Announcement of Tamales shutdown

The Nachos SS was created as a side army of the original Nachos, as they used the army to invade without the Nachos being held accountable. Even though the Nachos will not be revived, Nachos SS is returning as a result of the Tamales shut down. Regardless of the server still being made, and the army not having their first event yet, it still can be deemed that the army will have similar, if not greater, success compared to the Tamales.

In order to get a better grasp upon the recent events, the CP Army Hub grabbed an exclusive interview with one of the creators of the Tamales, Bryce.

Why were the Tamales colonized? Was this decision made by all the leaders?

No. Rowan wanted to “save the army”. Prod and slick wanted to help. None knew how against it the advisors and creators were. And didn’t care how against it we were.

You seem to be very open regarding yourself defacing the Tamales, why did you choose to do that?

I told the leaders that if the colonization went through, I would kill the army. The tamales were supposed to be a homage to the nacho army. Colonizing went against everything the nachos stood for

Why did you decide to shut down the Tamales?

Rfcp and some tamales leaders decided for rfcp to colonize the tamales. None of the creators wanted that, as we have personal conflicts with rfcp. They wouldn’t listen to us as we attempted to stop the colonization. So I took it upon myself and defaced the discord. Tamales were supposed to be a homage to the original nacho army. And this colonization was against everything it stood for.

With the Nachos SS opening soon, do you suspect it to have a similar success as the Tamales did? What do you hope to achieve within Nachos SS?

I suspect it will be far greater than tamales. Tamales was an homage to the nacho culture, and the nachos ss is an actual piece of the original nacho army. I just hope to be able to respectfully pay dues to the nacho army.

We have seen a lot occur within a short amount of time, from the colonization of the Tamales, going as far as them shutting down. The Tamales were a successful army regardless of being short-lived, and will definitely be remembered as a great army. We here at the CP Army Hub wish all the best for the Tamales troops and staff in all of their future endeavors.

What do YOU think? Was the defacement of the server justified? Will the Tamales make a return shortly or will the army remain down as the Nachos SS is revived? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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