The Eagre Foray: Day Six, Vikings Avoid Invasion With Sever Transfer,

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The sixth day of the war between the Special Weapons and Tactics and Water Vikings has concluded, but who currently has the upper hand? 

Since the start of the war on August 26th, where the Water Vikings declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics, these two armies have been going head to head in intense warfare. From what has occurred so far, the battles have come close to many ties and overtime sessions. For the past week, these two have invaded and defended each others’ land with the Vikings in the lead with a 7-1-2 score. There were two battles scheduled to occur on September 8th, although, one was a quick finish as the server was transferred. 

On the 6th of September, one of the current leaders of SWAT, Ganger90, announced the invasion of the Vikings’ land, Mittens. Scheduling the invasion for AUSIA times on Tuesday, September 8th, Ganger90 forgot one important detail to add to his invasion announcement.

SWAT’s Leader, Ganger90, scheduling invasion of Mittens.

The Vikings took quick notice of the invasion not being locked and acted fast by transferring their land to the Army of CP. This saves them for the first invasion, but what occurred during the Vikings’ invasion of SWAT’s Wool Socks.

Water Vikings’ Leader, Change, transferring Mittens to Army of CP.

The only battle that tentatively occurred was a clash for Wool Socks, SWAT’s territory. WV came out victorious by a close win, with the score concluded at 1-0-2. During this battle, SWAT managed to max 25 troops, while the Vikings logged on with a size advantage, maxing 36. The first room was the closest, according to the judge, which caused the verdict of Room 1 being a tie. While the other 2 rooms were also close in speed and tactics, the judge stated that the Vikings’ stood out with their size difference, stealing the rooms. The sole judge for this battle, Chekdar, commented on their performance:

At the beginning of the battle both SWAT and the Vikings performed with really great speed which is why the first room is a tie. To continue, in Room 2 the speed and consistency from both armies continued. On the other hand, WV had a size difference of 11 which allowed them to cover more. This continued in Room 3 which is why the Vikings won Room 2 and 3. Congrats to WV, and good job SWAT!

Continuing on with the war, both armies have scheduled invasions against the other. SWAT plans on invading the Vikings’ server Fiesta, on Wednesday, September 6th at 8PM EST. On the other hand, the Vikings have scheduled an invasion against SWAT’s Shiver, which is occurring on Thursday, September 10th at 9PM EST. Both invasions are scheduled to be locked, thus resulting in no transfers being allowed.

Neither army is seeming to give up quite yet, as both are scheduling invasion upon one another every other day. As the Vikings’ were able to dodge SWAT’s invasion, their good day continues with a successful invasion of SWAT’s land. This war so far has been back and forward between these strong armies, but as SWAT’s server list is narrowing down, will this war conclude shortly?

What do YOU think of this battle? Who will win on Day Seven of this prolonged war? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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