One Way Up: Phoebe Gets Promoted To Leader In One Direction Army

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Empire – In a time filled with retirements and loss, the One Direction Army brought a much-needed change: the refreshing news of a new leader. Today, the One Direction Army made the thrilling decision to promote Phoebe to Directioner Director.

On September 9th, One Direction Army leader and creator Aubz announced Phoebe’s promotion to leader in their Discord server. The announcement was a quick, concise statement: “phoeb is leader”. Although easily interpreted as a joke, the leaders of the One Direction Army soon clarified that Phoebe will indeed be joining them in the leadership.

Aubz announcing Phoebe’s promotion

Phoebe first joined the army community back in July 2019 but began her staff career when she joined Crimson Guardians as a moderator in February 2020. Later on, she left to join the People’s Imperial Confederation and became a Second in Command. Her promotion to leader followed shortly after, and she led the People’s Imperial Confederation to an impressive max of 21 during the Challengers Cup. After this notable accomplishment, Phoebe left to join One Direction Army, where she now resides.

PIC facing the Aliens during the Challengers Cup.

Now, two months after Phoebe made the move to the One Direction Army, she stands today as their newest Directioner Director. CP Army Hub reached out to Phoebe for an exclusive interview regarding her thoughts on her sudden promotion.

How do you feel about your promotion to ODA leader?

I’m really happy and excited about it! I had always looked forward to leading with the other amazing leaders I have now, but I didn’t really expect it to come this early.

What are you hoping to achieve during your time as a leader?

One thing I am hoping to achieve as my time as leader is to get us higher on the top ten.

How do you plan on achieving this for ODA?

I plan on achieving this for ODA by making sure we are recruiting and having events at reasonable hours for more people to attend, but still making sure we have fun!

Phoebe definitely has high hopes of taking the One Direction Army higher up on the top ten list. Is that number one spot imminent? Will the addition of Phoebe to the leadership raise the One Direction Army to new heights? Or can nothing stop the inevitable decline that comes with fall?

What do YOU think? Will Phoebe be able to lead her army to victory among the top ten? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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