What Would YOU Do: Permission Abuse

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, army leaders were asked what they would do if their staff members were abusing their permissions on the army’s Discord server.

Discord server permissions for staff members vary from being able to manage messages to ban and kick permissions. These permissions are granted to trusted staff members and have a great deal of responsibility tied to them. Abusing these permissions is something that can get you in trouble, even if done for a joke. Although, army leaders may have a different approach to this hypothetical situation.

Leaders were asked the following:

What would you do if your staff members were abusing their permissions on the army’s Discord server?

Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader

That’s something we don’t take lightly. If my HCOM notice there’s an abuse of perms then either Cosmo or I contact the staff member abusing their power, and put to a stop to it immediately. If they fail to comply then it’ll result in a demotion or removal of power.

Change, Water Vikings’ Leader

firstly, a warning. if they continue to abuse their powers after that, they would be demoted

Spotty, Dark Warriors’ Leader

A staff member abusing their permissions is unprofessional and shows they aren’t capable of being staff. If it was just changing a nickname, or muting for a few seconds, they would be warned. If they kicked or banned members for no reasons their permissions would be removed.

Meerrkat, Doritos of CP’s Leader

I’d give them a warning and if they continued, it would lead to perms being removed. Or demoted depending on the situation

Simmonds, Elites’ Leader

To begin with, I would put every single member who abused their powers into a group chat whereby I could discuss with all of them the issue. The meeting would consist of several conversations in regards to their abuse of power. After doing so, I would make it very clear that consequences would be given to all and everyone who abuses their power in the future. Consequences could include a temporary ban for a short period of time. If this was a reoccurring problem then permanent banishment from the army would have to be the final, and not wanted, action I’d have to take. Of course I’d be in constant discussions with my leaders at all times and we would all vote equally on what actions should be taken. But the abuse of power is not something I take lightly, especially when chats could possibly be leaked through these actions.

Hannah, Help Force’s Leader

First of all I’d check what exactly was done in the server and its extent. If it was very bad for example banning for no reason, creating roles for no reason or changing the server name etc I’d remove their staff role for a week but if it continues a permanent demotion would be put in place. Otherwise, if it was a minor issue they’d simply be warned.

Unanimously, it seems that all leaders would remove the staff member in question’s permissions to the server. Although, some leaders went into specifics giving examples of what they would do based on severity. Overall, abusing permissions on an army’s Discord server is not something taken lightly, and one will most likely be met with their removal from the ranks due to this.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if your staff was abusing permissions in the army’s Discord server?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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