Jake Departs From Lime Green Leadership Following Colleague Discussions

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Lime Green Army Empire – Less than a fortnight after his promotion, Lime Green leader Jake stepped down from leadership on September 8th. Why did he have to retire from his position so abruptly?

Prior to leading the Limes, Jake was a part of armies since 2016. He was seen in the Rebel Penguin Federation, Underground Mafias Army and Crimson Guardians. He is also the creator of the Light Blue Army and was a part of the higher-command in the Water Vikings. Needless to say, he has quite an enviable army experience.

Jake has been a part of the Lime Green Army since April 2020. After five months in the army, he was inducted into leadership as a part of an army revamp on August 27th. This day also saw previous leaders DMT, Greeny and Snapple become exclusive members of their High Council. At the same time, Jake was promoted to General alongside Jona, who is now the only leader of the army. The goal of this rework was to counter the fall in event maxes that the Limes had witnessed.

Unfortunately, Jake retired on September 8th, leaving behind no announcement to convey his decision to the troops. It has come to the surface that his decision was influenced after certain talks with the army leadership. As a consequence of Jake being preoccupied with real-life issues, DMT and Greeny advised him to step down from leadership. The CP Army Hub team was provided with the following screenshots of the conversation:

DMT and Greeny (Trev) advising Jake to retire.

With the September drop hitting armies left and right, it can be said that Jake has left the Lime Green Army at a perilous juncture. Here’s what Lime Green Council member DMT had to say about Jake’s retirement, and how the army plans to move forward following this loss:

We always knew this restructuring of leadership would cause some difficulties in terms of size and activity. While we didn’t expect Jake to step down, it is something we are ready to deal with. The most important part is just being patient, we don’t need sizes right away. Our main focus right now is having our hcom learn how to run things on their own with some guidance. However, I am working hard to work around my online school schedule to give some extra help to Jona since he expected to be leading the ship with a partner.

After that response from the Lime Green Council, the CP Army Hub team decided to interview Jake about his retirement:

Was pressure from the army leadership the only reason for your retirement?

Yes. I did not have any personal problems with any of the members or HCOM. I just had real life stuff to deal with.

Do you feel that you have accomplished the goal you had for the Limes? 

I don’t think I accomplished my goal of upgrading the EU division. The activity in the army was horrendously low. We were maxing 3-5 in our EU events which was horrible.

What are your plans for your future, in armies, and in real life?

I have found a new place where I met a lot of cool people and that’s Doritos. I’ve been here for 3 days but I’m already enjoying myself and I think I’ll stay there for a pretty long time. As for real life I plan on focusing on my studies as I want to study medicine in university.

Despite sorrowful about leaving his army, Jake has found a new place to call home. He continues on his army journey as the Third in Command of the Doritos. However, he bears no ill will towards the Limes. The army will always occupy a special place in his heart, after his unforgettable experience leading them. It will certainly be exciting to see what will be the next chapter in the future of the Lime Green Army as well as Jake as they both part ways on a nostalgic note.

What do YOU think? Was Lime Green Army right in asking Jake to step down? Can the Limes recover from their stubborn drop in sizes? Let us know in the comments section below!   

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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  1. Hope everything goes well, enjoy DCP!


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