Know Your Army Meme: Rebel Penguin Federation

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest issue of Know Your Meme, presented by Associate Producer Scorpion Demon. In this column, memes from across the army community are showcased for posterity and greatness. Warning: Following post contains hitherto unseen amounts of light-hearted but uproarious memes and jokes!

The title itself might have sparked a rush of joy in the hearts of the readers. Yes, this issue of the column Know Your Army Meme features the one and only Rebel Penguin Federation! They are known far and wide as the army that has dominated the community like no one else has. Besides that, the Rebels are also known for upholding the strongest and the strictest set of morals in the community. The Federation also happens to be this year’s winner of the super prestigious Legends Cup X. The list of their achievements is so large that it would call for an entirely different post. But do their memes display the same Herculean strength as their top ten scores? I decided to approach Crazzy, Cosmo, Elexonck and a special guest. He is Rocket, the creator of this column (yep folks, he created it) and the Third in Command of the Rebels!

What is your favorite meme from your time with the Rebels?

Crazzy: Last summer in the Summer Circuit tournament finals against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (EGCP), there was one member of their army that said “i think we lost” as soon as the battle ended. It was super funny because the battle was so close the entire time, but we emerged victorious over our former enemies, EGCP.

“I think we lost.”

Cosmo: My favourite meme is buffle bizza from RPF “Puffel pizza” was a tactic done against us in a battle. It was a combo tactic EP/EZ which was followed up by one of their troops saying puffle pizza. Someone screenshotted it and it became a hilarious meme. Later though it would evolve to “buffle bizza” because of the constant use of :B:

:B:uffle :B:izza


Puffle Pizza- The Origin

Buffle Bizza

Elexonck: It’s hard to name one meme that stands out, as I’ve been in RPF a while and enjoyed many different memes in my time. One of the more recent memes that I particularly find funny is the fabled “US Mancala” tournament. During our Summer Olympics, our EU Mancala tournament ran for a lot longer than expected (2+ hours!). As a result we cancelled the US Mancala tournament that was also scheduled that day. Since then, it has been a running meme of troops begging for the mysteriously lost Mancala event, leading to us actually hosting a US Mancala event recently to soothe the ache left by the loss of the Olympics one!

Explanation: Strike Force and the Infantry branch were both abolished. US mancala was cancelled, so it “joins” them in heaven.

Rocket: Operation ascension while not my favorite is something I tend to dunk on a lot as a common name for AUSIA training events we do. Cosmo said he thought it was a good name as AUSIA tends to be on the rise with good maxes a lot of the time and hes a big fan of Dragon Ball Z where characters I guess tend to ascend – hence the name. Now it’s this meme about AUSIA always ascending and never stopping, but also as a name we can’t stop using haha.

What is the “wedding” meme that featured in the meme contest?

Crazzy: A bunch of people started to have cp weddings around the same time, so a troop whipped up a quick meme about it. And that meme ended up being featured in our RPF meme contest results!

Elexonck: Yeah, for a while, enacting “weddings” for fun in-game became a meme in and of itself, so naturally people would joke about it.

Can you tell the readers more about the “unclaimed Rebel Cash” meme?

Editors Note: Rebel Cash, for those ignorant of this fact, is the officially recognized currency of the Rebel Penguin Federation. CP Army Hub CEO LuciferStar has often recognized it as the currency of CP Army Hub as well.

Elexonck: For our events, we offer “Rebel Cash”, our in-server currency, as a reward for attending. However there is a limited window of 5 minutes during which one can react for Rebel Cash. So, it often happens that someone could forget to react or not get to react in time. Some do this more than others – so the meme was born of “once again” asking for the Rebel Cash.

How did this meme based on the mods hyping the chat originate?

Elexonck: When we have a big team of staff all trying to hype up the same event, sometimes they end up repeating themselves. It’s inevitable, really. I have to say though, mods nowadays do a better job of not totally just spamming the hell out of chat and scaring everybody there – even if it’s repetitive, it does do a good job of getting people hyped for the event. I suppose the meme is funny because everyone knows the familiar sight of staff members getting everyone hyped for the event.

Navy and Air Force memes are quite popular in RPF. Can you enlighten the audience with some of them?

Crazzy: Each week RPF hosts a branch battle, aka our two divisions face off in a competition of who is the better branch. It’s something troops and even staff look forward to, because there’s always a lot of hype around these battles. And thankfully, there’s also a lot of memes to go with it. (Navy owns)

Open in New Tab to View Text.

Rocket: Basically, for the April Fools event, our branches, Air Force and Navy, switched uniforms, they were known as Dave (Navy) and Greg (Air Force). Someone made this meme about us regarding the battle. In the battle, Greg branch ran away from Dave branch and hid in the Docks, until Dave came crashing in. We had joked about doing the longest J bomb for an event, so Greg and Dave faced off doing mainly J bombs for the hell of it, hence all the comments in this meme about it.

Who is the person who memes a lot, or gets memed upon a lot?

Crazzy: Rocket, our Third in Command, and the creator of this “Know Your Army Meme” column definitely gets meme’d on the most. After that, I’d probably say Cosmo my co-leader gets meme’d on a lot or we always joke around in vc/main chat.

Elexonck: Rocket definitely gets memed on a lot – I’d agree that he’s probably the most “memed” about member of staff. That being said, a lot of staff members get memed on for different things from time to time!

Rocket: Whether it’s my band kid personality, or bizzare sounds and memes I make – I get memed on a lot, all in good fun though. We all joke around with each other though, and it’s always a fun jest.

I’m laughing so hard writing this that I forgot my conclusion. The Rebels certainly are the top dogs when it comes to memes as well. The funny yet healthy nature of their memes and jokes is most impressive. Sadly, this issue has come to an end. CP Army Hub wishes good luck to the Rebel Penguin Federation for the future of their meme culture. However, the readers won’t have to leave empty handed, because I’m giving out free Rebel Cash extra memes!

[BONUS] Rocket’s Personal Nomination – When we still had the Strike Force, we were bombing the Iceberg, and one of our troops at the time, Flv9, messed up typing a bunch of tactics at once and typed:

needs no caption

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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