The Eagre Foray: Day Seven and Eight, Double Overtime In One-Hour Battle

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The seventh and the eighth days of the highly anticipated Water Vikings versus SWAT war have come to an end. What went down in the two battles? 

On September 8th and September 11th, the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics engaged in their battles for Fiesta and Shiver, respectively. Ever since August 26th, both armies have been locked in a thrilling yet hard fought war, invading servers, defending servers, losing servers, and invading them back.

In their first conflict, SWAT launched an offensive and invaded the server Fiesta, which the Water Vikings had previously taken from them. At 8:00 PM EST, both armies stood on the battlefield, with SWAT peaking at a max of 28 troops and the Water Vikings following closely with sizes of 27 penguins.

Both armies fought incredibly hard, but the results came to be a 3-0 win for SWAT. The battle was exciting and rigorous, but judge Cassie stated the following in the verdict:

Despite the size similarities, SWAT was able to show off with cleaner tactics and formations, as well as bigger tactics. WV put up a great fight with some clean formations in spite of their size drop during room 3. As a result of all this, SWAT is the winner of the Invasion/Defense of Fiesta. Congratulations and well done to both sides!

Battle for Fiesta

After a scheduling blunder, the Water Vikings opted to invade SWAT’s server, Shiver, two days later on the 11th. Both armies logged on at 4:00 PM EST, with the Water Vikings boasting an impressive 34 max while SWAT had 30 troops online.

After a harrowingly close battle, with two overtime rooms, the judges declared the Water Vikings as the winner. They won with a score of 1-0-4. Both armies tied in the first three rooms, which led to the first overtime room. When that room was also tied, the judges decided to go into a second overtime. The Water Vikings took this final room, allowing them to invade Shiver successfully. One of the judges, Fusion, announced this about the battle:

Please understand this was not easy for any of the judges. Personally speaking, this was the closest battle I have EVER judged. Great job to both armies! Ultimately what won the battle for WV was consistent caliber formations and speed. Again, great job to both armies.

The fight for Shiver

After two well fought and close battles, the Water Vikings and SWAT have succeeded in invading a piece of land each. However, it seems that this war has yet to finish. On September 10th, SWAT scheduled an invasion for the Water Vikings’ server Snow Fort. With eight days of brilliant battles already completed, what results await day nine of the Eagre Foray? 

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!



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