Battle In Blue: Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Ice Warriors and the Help Force went head to head in an intense practice battle earlier today. Although both forces performed in spectacular fashion, Nike favored only one side. Who prevailed?

On September 11th, the Ice Warriors and the Help Force fought against each other in a fierce practice battle. Both sides had impressive sizes, with the Ice Warriors peaking at 67 and the Help Force maxing 45. Although the Ice Warriors kept a slight size advantage throughout the battle, other factors such as speed and forms also played a huge part. Who won?

[Inside Mine]

In the first room, the Help Force gained a slight advantage as they managed to enter first. However, they were then quickly covered by the Ice Warriors who shortly followed after. Although the size difference was around 10 at first, the Ice Warriors quickly gained more members while picking up speed, even leading them to a difference of 20 penguins at one point during the room. Due to constantly covering the opposing army and setting down a good pace, the Ice Warriors were able to secure a victory in the first room.

IW vs. HF in the first room: Inside Mine


After an action packed first room, both armies swiftly entered the iceberg. They both demonstrated impressive tactic bombs, with the Ice Warriors slightly outnumbering Help Force. The Warriors got into a clean plus formation with quick tactics while the Help Force followed behind with an anchor form. Although the Help Force made a slight comeback with cleaner tactics during the last few minutes, the Ice Warriors won this room due to their speed and size during the majority of the room. This room was an interesting fight for sure!

IW vs. HF in the second room: Iceberg


In the final room, both armies rushed in with outstanding word bombs. Shortly after entering the room, the Ice Warriors stepped into an X formation. Although the Help Force tried to cover them, they were no match for the Warriors’ size and ended up settling into an underlined plus formation. Both armies did a fabulous job throughout the room. However, due to the Ice Warriors’ cleaner forms, larger size, and quicker tactics, they won yet another room.

IW vs. HF in the third room: Docks

This practice battle between the Ice Warriors and the Help Force was definitely stunning. However, due to the consistent size difference and speed, the Ice Warriors were able to win with a clean 3-0 sweep. Congratulations to the Ice Warriors!

The judges’ verdict

After a remarkable practice battle in which both armies put up a good fight, the Ice Warriors overtook the Help Force with a show stopping victory. Both armies are definitely forces to be reckoned with, and it will be exciting to see how they perform in future battles!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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