Ice Warriors: Erick Inducted Into Leadership

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – With the incoming wave of retirements and leadership inaugurations, it’s no surprise that the legendary army, Ice Warriors have joined the fray, promoting one of their most loyal troops, Erick. Earlier today, after a heated battle with Help Force, an announcement came as a surprise for everyone.

It is no secret that Ice Warriors are a formidable foe and a force not to be reckoned with, especially with constantly staying within the top three armies on the Top Ten listings, reaching the semi-finals in Legends Cup X, and more recently, winning the March Madness, renamed to August Sadness, tournament. This just goes to show that undoubtedly, Ice Warriors have shown huge strength in both numbers and community.

On September 11th, Ice Warriors’ leader, Shinde announced a big promotion after winning to the Help Force in a fiery practice battle. Shinde acknowledged Erick’s bravery, loyalty, friendliness, and hard work in a heartfelt announcement and it closed off with appointing Erick as the 13th IW leader:

Erick’s army journey started in only the middle of February, and from there on out, he stayed loyal to the Ice Warriors, and from the words of Ice Warriors leader Shinde, proved to be known for,

…bravery, loyalty to the army, hardworking, taking care about people and for being just a good friend we could count on each situation.

After several months of being a loyal troop to Ice Warriors, Erick has been promoted to an official leader. CP Army Hub reached out to Erick to discuss his sudden promotion and his initial thoughts.

How are you feeling about your recent promotion?

Saw it coming but didn’t expect it to happen right now at all.

What can we expect from Ice Warriors now with you in leadership?

I’ll just say Ice Warriors will keep on top, results will come by itself.

Sounds great! How do you plan to achieve this with your fellow leaders?

Working hard as all armies should do.

It’s definitely no secret that the name Ice Warriors carries a lot of prestige and valor, how are you as a leader going to uphold this?

It’s truly a honor. I’m a man of few words so I’m just gonna I’ll try my best at it with all the experience I have, I also know I can count with all my fellow leaders and advisors to help me out!

Although a man with a few words, Erick has shown that he is very hardworking and is surely someone to count on, with many skills and tricks in his arsenal. Now with a new leader in tow, there’s no denying that Ice Warriors will grow stronger.
What do YOU think? How do you think Ice Warriors will do with this leadership change? Is there prosperity along the way for Ice Warriors? Let us know in the comments!
CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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  1. congrats erick!! you’ve truly earned this title ❤


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