Spill the Tea! with Executive Producer Max

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Spill the Tea Office – The Spill the Tea Team is proud to present the third edition of Spill the Tea with host Vice President Cassie and this week’s guest, Executive Producer Max!

Welcome to Spill the Tea! In this series, I interview members of CP Army Hub staff and get all the gossip about their time here, their army history, and their opinions on just about everything important.

Now, who are we interviewing? That’s a great question, definitely not exposed by the introduction or the title. Spill the Tea! welcomes the man himself: CP Army Hub Executive Producer Max!

Host Cassie and EP Max!

With such an extensive history in armies, Max truly commands any room he’s in. He runs the reporting side of the Army Hub and works tirelessly to produce hard-hitting articles with his team — where did this reporting god come from?

Hello, Max! Welcome to Spill the Tea! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello!! I am Mr. Max, CP Army Hub Executive Producer and Army of CP second-in-command. In other words, an unpaid, full-time b*tch to my superiors – be that CEOs Pookie & Luci or ACP Leader CSY.

I know that feeling! You’ve got a lot on your plate, then, don’t you? What are some of your 5,000,001 tasks during the day?

Honestly, girl, I do question how I fit everything in. Maybe I need a life? In terms of the Army Hub, I organise and manage the media team alongside some fantastic reporting heads – ensuring there is a steady output of high quality, interesting and informative content for readers to enjoy. Then there is is the league and administrative side to the daily CPAH happenings, which involves coordinating and dealing with community issues. And that’s all on a quiet day.

Alongside this, I of course I have my Army of CP duties as a Field Marshal/second-in-command, dealing with everything that occurs there, from schedule planning, recruiting, community events and leading exciting battles.

And our quiet admin days aren’t even that quiet! Balancing all the CPAH work you do with your ACP obligations is seriously admirable, Max. Before you did all this and lost your free will, what did you do? What’s your army history?

Dear god, anything but this question. Jesus take the wheel.

It’s no secret I’ve been about in the army community, having joined in 2010 and made my way through almost every army since. My first army was the Pirates, which I was recruited into by my at-the-time-friend Waterkid100. I led on and off until mid-2013 before I joined the Nachos for a lowest-moderator rank, eventually becoming a third-in-command UK Division leader. From here, I went on to hold leadership and higher command ranks in numerous armies like the Golden Troops, Doritos, Water Vikings, and many, many more! I shan’t bore you with a complete list as the word count for this post couldn’t handle it.

I departed in 2017 as the original Club Penguin shut down, before finding my way back and joining the Army of CP as a Private on November 18th, 2019. And here I am now, 10 months later.

That’s a hefty history! My word count can handle it, but you’ve been asked that a billion times. Moving on, what’s your best memory with your army?

Ahh, now that’s a tricky one as I’ve made so many special memories with so many fantastic people. I feel like I should probably single out a moment like winning the Holiday Championship in January and defeating the undefeated Rebel Penguin Federation. I will never forget that high. But some of my most fond memories would be the hours spent on the main, staff and higher command group chats gossiping and bantering away with some amazing friends about everything and nothing – sharing & being trusted with personal stories, and being accepted for who and what I am. They are the priceless memories I will cherish.

That’s so sweet! This community can really bring people together. Where do you see ACP going in the future? Do you plan to stay with the Clover Defenders?

Absolutely – my heart belongs with the Clover Defenders and I will not be leaving them. As for the future, it’s business as usual in terms of events, but of course we will constantly be pushing for new and unique ideas. ACP has been at the forefront of army innovation and that won’t change!

I’m glad to hear that! Speaking of innovation and progressiveness, you’re known in the army community as, uh, “being obsessed with gay pride.” How do you feel about that being your staple?

Oh I love it! Yes, I realise being homosexual is my one and only personality trait. If that bothers you then you’re homophobic and belong to the streets. Having been in this community for over 10 years, I have fought against, come to terms, and finally accepted my sexuality while playing this game: Club Penguin armies.

I’m just extremely passionate about positive representation for the LGBTQIA+ members in the army community. I think, historically, this has been an online space that has been very toxic towards said members, and although it’s significantly better now, there is still progress to be made. I understand I hold a position of power at the CP Army Hub, and I have felt it very important to be an active LGBTQIA+ voice. I will always continue to do so, loudly and proudly.

You’re an inspiration for many LGBTQIA+ troops out there! If you could do anything in CPAH to raise awareness of the treatment of LGBT+ members, what would it be?

I think just continuing to make sure the community is representing fairly in the media, and no homophobic behaviour or conduct occurs in any area of the organisation – be that the media, hiring, etc. But alongside this, being a positive and outspoken member of the LGBTQIA+ community that holds a position of influence – one that I understand and appreciate the responsibility of. Anyone, at any time, can come to me for advice and I will be happy to help. Or just listen.

That’s so sweet. Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed! Moving on, do you have any funny gay stories to tell?

Ahhhhh you’re really going to expose me like this?! I will be honest and say I have a LOT of funny gay stories to share, but most aren’t appropriate to share on this platform. A funny army-community related one would be when I was drunk on Discord (never a good idea) and decided to declare my undying love to ACP HCOM Koloway at the time. That’s something I’ve never lived down, E8 E8 E8. Oh and the cucumber jokes from Pookie (yes it is what you think it is)!

Max confessing his love for a certain CPA legend

I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson about drunken Discord, then! As many people know, you’re the reporting big boy, the head writer man. What’s your favorite report of the summer?

Ooo a difficult question to answer. I have two. The first was my ‘gAyCP: Five Years Later‘ article that looked into the LGBT+ representation and acceptance in the current community. The other would be the CPAM Special Report that unearthed the mass multilogging within the Pirates higher command and leadership . That was a huge one for me as it was the first special report that was seen on a community-wide basis due to the CPAM and CPAL partnership for the Legends Cup X. The best thing about reporting and writing these articles is the amazing responses you get from people, and the knowledge that you’ve made an impact. Even now, 7 months after joining CPAM, I still love what I do in the media team and get that same buzz when writing.

The media side of everything is so interesting and so informative, I’m glad you have fun with it! Now, this next question is very important — what’s your favorite column to read?

My own of course – Ask the Administration!!! Only joking, I of course enjoy reading your Spill The Tea! column and getting to know the various faces that we have working here at CP Army Hub. Having said that, I also LOVE Sarahah’s ‘What Would YOU Do?’ column as it gives us an interesting look at situations which, let’s be honest, aren’t too impossible in this community.

Ah yes, there’s the ego boost I wanted! Moving on, what do you like to do outside of CPAH?

Oh just the usual – hanging out with friends, a good night out, getting drunk and making memories. I’m also a student living in London and studying Business at university. But the going out and getting drunk comes first. But not before Club Penguin armies, of course. I have my priorities straight.

Priorities are straight but you’re not, love it. Good luck in university! In the meantime, CPAH is always excited for your next article. I think it’s about time we start wrapping this up — just a couple questions left. What kind of reports are your favorite to read?

Oooo I love reading a well written battle report, particularly one that covers a close and exciting battle. I also enjoy editorials, especially ones with a strong narrative that forces the reader to think, like Sophie’s recentWhy Can’t We Have Wars For Fun?“.

Editorials are my favorite as well! You know the drill for this last question — coffee or tea?


Finally a real answer. An answer I respect. Thank you for the interview, Max! Is there anything you’d like to say before we finish?

My favourite quote: It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others. – Noah Centineo

A disappointing person but a good quote. Thanks again, Max!

As an Executive Producer, Max holds a lot of responsibilities within the Army Hub. He works hard and writes more posts than any published author, and his amazing posts are fan-favorites in CP Army Hub! Tune in for the next edition of Spill the Tea with yet another CP Army Hub staff member!

What do YOU think of our Executive Producer and his choices of favorite columns, CPA legends to simp for, and favorite articles? Who do YOU want to see interviewed next? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Vice President


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  1. Ahaha what a great interview. max is definitely one of the funniest and most down to earth people in the community. props to him! love ya:))


  2. Two of my favorite people in one post hehe ❤


  3. god i hate women


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