Julia Retires from Dark Warriors Leadership

FROSTY, Dark Warriors’ Empire – As we head further into the season, the Dark Warriors witness the retirement of Julia as she resigns from her leader position.

Julia joined the army community in 2013, starting off as an army hopper. She spent nearly a year exploring new armies, but mainly found herself in between Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos. By 2015, she enlisted in the Snow Ninjas and led there for a bit until departing in 2017. She then returned to the army community in March 2020 and made herself at home with the Dark Warriors.

She started off as a private and inducted as a leader in late June of this year. Throughout her leadership, Julia has been a crucial factor in the army’s success. She helped lead the army’s battle divisions, participated in tournaments, and assisted in several invasions against other armies. Not only did she take part in leading successful events, but she is also one of the masterminds that help create the infamous Black Ice Alliance.

The Dark Warriors hosting a Graduation Party under Julia’s leadership.

However, all good things must come to an end. After 6 months of contributing to the army, Julia made the fateful decision to step down from leader. This choice occurred due to real-life commitments. On September 13th, the Dark Warriors got together to throw a retirement event for Julia. The solo event consisted of commemorating Julia’s time as a leader and wish her goodbye. This event also had an incredible peak of 67 troops in attendance.

Julia’s retirement event.

After the event, Julia took the opportunity to post a heartfelt message on the official Discord server to provide some words of wisdom and advice. She encouraged everyone that you can be anyone you desire to be and continue to persevere. She ended the message on one last note, mentioning the things she experienced in Club Penguin changed her life.

Julia’s announcement on the official Dark Warriors Discord server.

CP Army Hub managed to catch up with Julia and hear her thoughts on her retirement in an interview.

What made you come to the decision to retire?

It was a hard decision. But I can’t balance both my real life and my army life. I tried to back in March, but I found myself disregarding real world responsibilities, and putting my sole focus on DW. Didn’t end well for me.

Do you have any future plans to return in the future?

Oh absolutely. I’ve told pretty much everyone that I’ll be returning and that they haven’t seen the last of me. Once I get my life in order, I’ll be returning. My final tactic was “I’ll be back.”

What was your favourite memory while leading the Dark Warriors?

Haha I wasn’t an official leader at the time. I was still Leader in Training, but it would have to be when I was made to lead our first divisions battle. I was on the Air Force with Freezie and Spi, and Freezie ended up muting both me and spi on accident. He then proceeded to ask me to announce rooms, even though I was muted. He then left completely in the 3rd room to have me lead by myself after I figured out how to unmute myself.

How do you think your retirement affect the Dark Warriors?

Honestly, DW will be fine. I’ve asked them to keep it alive until I come back and I know and have full faith in them to do that. We’re all family before anything else, so my retirement shouldn’t have any affect on them. They are strong, and I hope they know that.

Julia stepping down from her position is what would have been better for her in the long run. Although the Dark Warriors may be losing a leader, she seems confident that the army will continue to strive without her and stay strong. It’s clear that this isn’t the last we hear from Julia, as she will return sometime in the future. With this new leadership change, will the Dark Warriors continue to burn the light?

What do YOU think? Will the Dark Warriors make their way to the top without Julia? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.

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