Light Troops To Shine Again As Revival Is Announced

UPDATE: An unknown Godfather, or former leader, did not agree with Jester’s plan of the revival, thus removing the post and Jester’s permissions from the site. Although, Jester does plan on continuing with the revival, and making a completely new site.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Light Troops’ Empire – After being shut down in May 2020, the legendary Light Troops return to shine once more in the army community. With only days before their opening event, can we see another successful generation of the Light Troops?

The Light Troops were founded in 2011 by Ioioluk, and he led the army through its starting years until his retirement in 2012. Later on, Waterkid recreated the Troops and kept them alive for a year without much assistance from Roberto and Ioioluk, and was known for getting the army to max over 100 in 2016.

Light Troops on Ice Box, maxing 100.

Epic101 was another very important figure in the Light Troops history as he revived the army back at the beginning of 2019. Throughout his time in leadership, Epic managed to get the Troops to max 70-100 in multiple events. Although due to Club Penguin Online shutting down, the army was shut down indefinitely on May 17th, 2020.

Light Troops before shutdown in May

At the end of the shutdown post earlier this year, Epic101 stated that “the Light Troops will never return…”. Regardless of this statement, a publication was made on September 13th, 2020 on the Light Troops official website, which announced this sudden revival:

Former leader, Jester, posted this announcement on the Light Troops official website, stating that the Troops are being revived with the approval of the current standing Godfathers. Jester has a pretty extensive and promising army history, with him most recently leading the Doritos’ during their uproar of troops due to their recent partnership with SuperCP. In the Light Troops, he proved to be a very influential leader in 2014 and led the army throughout many wars with many major armies that are still alive today; such as the Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, Army of CP, Rebel Penguin Federation, and more.

Light Troops invasion of Dark Warriors’ Frosty, under Jester’s leadership

Furthermore, Jester already scheduled an opening event to take place on Saturday, September 19th at 3PM EST. Already having a Discord server prepared from the previous generation, including nearly 2000 members, this opening event is seeming to be successful.

The CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with the current leader of the Light Troops, Jester, in order to learn more about this unexpected revival.

Why did you decide to revive the Light Troops? 

I consider LT to be my home army despite what ties i have to dcp. What people might forget is LT is where i made myself a known figure in armies back then. so, i have soft spot for the army. it was arguably the most enjoyable time i’ve had in this community in leading LT.

Are you reviving the army yourself, or do you have any support from other individuals?

Myself until i figure out the leadership situation. I want to make it clear that this isnt DCP fueled also.

Reviving an army during the September Drop is a difficult task to achieve, do you have the confidence that you can succeed? If so, what gives you this confidence?

i lead LT around or a little after this time that we call the september drop in 2014, i know what to do. i resigned all the way up until january. during those times we were the biggest army rivaling DW.

What are your plans moving forward? 

I dont have any specific plans other than to keep LT afloat for the coming future

Do you have any hopes and goals for the army to achieve during the following months?

we’re gonna do our own thing. ride our own wave and maybe win a few tournaments who knows

This revival was a shock to many, as we never would have expected the army to come back so soon. With Jester’s promising experience, many good things can be deemed to come out of this revival. Moving forward, the army will have to face the September drop, that is still in continuum, but Jester believes that with him under leadership, this will not be affecting the army.

What do YOU think? Will the Light Troops shine even brighter than the last generation? How will Jester fend under the Troops’ leadership? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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