The Eagre Foray: Day Nine Witnesses SWAT Victory

KLONDIKE, Battleground – The ninth day of battle between Water Vikings versus SWAT war has come to an end. What went down in this intense battle?

On September 12th, the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics engaged in a battle for Snow Forts. Ever since August 26th, after the Vikings declared war on SWAT, both armies have been locked in a thrilling yet hard-fought war, invading servers and defending numerous servers.

In this battle, SWAT invaded the server Snow Forts, which was owned by the Water Vikings. At 5:00 PM EST, both armies stood on the battleground with Water Vikings peaking a max of 32 troops while the SWAT brought a max of 31 troops.

Both armies fought incredibly well, but the result came down to 2-1-0 concluding the win of SWAT. The battle was close, exciting, and rigorous, but judge Lightningmcj stated the following in his verdict:

In room 1, SWAT was faster and WV looked a little out of sync. Room 2 was a little closer, as WV caught up in speed, but SWAT didn’t take their foot off the gas. In the end, the room went to SWAT due to pretty consistent covering, still a slight speed advantage, and them being a little cleaner. For Room 3, WV had consistently neater forms and was pretty even in speed. Both armies covered on and off, so that room was declared a tie. Good job to both armies!

Battle for Snow Fort.

Continuing on with the war, the Water Vikings plan on invading SWAT’s Fiesta on Monday, September 14th, at 4 PM EST. In addition to the Vikings’ invasion, SWAT scheduled an invasion of the Vikings’ Jackhammer. SWAT plans on this invasion to take place on September 14th at 3 AM EST. Following the standard of the previous invasions, both are locked, therefore there will be no transfers of servers allowed.

After the well fought and close battle, the SWAT has successfully invaded the Water Vikings server. However, it seems the war is far from over. With nine days of exciting battles already over, what results await at day tenth of Eagre Foray?

Who do YOU think will emerge victorious from this war? Let us know in the comments down below!


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  1. SWAT for the win!


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