Zamb Announces Retirement From Elites; Army Shutdown Scheduled For Next Week

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Members of the Elites army bid their leader Zamb a fond farewell yesterday following a tournament finals battle. But alongside this came the shocking announcement of the impending Elites shutdown.

Zamb was inducted into the Elites leadership alongside Koloway and AustinFraud on August 13th, exactly one month ago. His four-week leadership stint has seen both highs and lows, with the Elites triumphing in the SubZero Army League’s tournament, peaking at 30 against the Recon Federation, but also saw a drop from the major listings in the small-medium Top Ten.

As of late, the Elites have seen a period of inactivity, with both fewer events and smaller sizes. This week they held just three events, with size peaks ranging from 17 to 20. Having said that, the army and their troops appear to be in high spirits and have continued to dominate in both tactics and formations, of which they are both known for.

August 23rd: Elites vs. Recon Federation

Zamb’s final event as a leader took the form of a battle against the Fighter Pilots in the SubZero Showdown tournament finals. The Elites achieved a 3-0-0 victory, winning the entire tournament with a strong size of 20 in attendance. Zamb commented the following in his event results post: “Thanks for one hell of an event, I appreciate you all for coming.”

Saturday 12th: The Elites wave goodbye to Zamb as they win the SubZero Showdown tournament.

Alongside the sad news of Zamb’s retirement, it was announced that the Elites would be closing their doors permanently next Sunday, September 20th. This declaration came as a great surprise to both the army members and community alike, as the Elites have been a consistent force for the entirety of 2020.

The Elites final event, scheduled for next weekend.

The CP Army Hub team managed to catch up with Zamb to discuss his leadership tenure and retirement plans.

Why did you decide to retire from the Elites?

I retired from Elites because honestly, I’m done with armies. I’ve been here since 2013, and haven’t really made a name for myself till this year. I did whatever I can, and was blessed to join the leadership with these guys. However, my current real life priorities and my terrible time management make it difficult to balance out armies and life. Since I rejoined the community for 2ic at Dark Bandits, I’ve hated it but stayed for a long time. I find this to be the perfect opportunity to leave everything, so leaving Elites is the start of that. Besides, I wasn’t here for armies anyway, I’m a designer.

You’ve made a huge impact on the army community as a whole, but what has been your top two moments?

In Elites, my top two moments were probably the tournament battle against the Recon Federation. Honestly, it wasn’t the biggest battle you’ll witness but battling against CPA’s antagonist is one hell of an experience. Trading insults, going faster than what most would consider speedy, and just breaking my fingers to get the slight room advantage was apart of that close battle. My second top Elites moment is probably battling against the Golden Troops. Yes, we lost that, but that day was funny as hell. Mythic (and his keyboard) and I both led that night against an allied stacked Golden Troops, and although we lost, it was one of the first events that got me craving for a victory.

As for the community, my top two moments have to be being apart of the merger that led to CPA Hub, and designing for the Dark Warriors, Help Force, Doritos, Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Elites, Water Vikings (before they took down my header RIP), CP Army League (which began my career that led to my Executive Producer position today), and currently CPAH. There were more armies too, but those guys made my dream come true.

Where did the decision to close the Elites come from?

I wasn’t present during the Elites’ glory days, but they were previously a major army that was able to fight on even grounds with other major powers. Maxing 40-50, made it to the semifinals of the Legends Cup and proving to be one of the strongest around. Recently, the decline has been pretty apparent as our top ten scores have drastically dropped into SM and the staff (including leaders) are getting busier outside of armies. Rather than prolonging its closure and seeing Elites fall further, closing it now after winning the SubZero Showdown is the greatest way to end it off.

How do you plan to spend your time on retirement island?

Away from armies, never to see this again. I will never approach Club Penguin no matter how tempted I am to return. I hate armies, I hate Club Penguin, and I really wish I spent this time doing something productive. But for real (my hate is still there), I’m going to probably work on pursuing my future goals outside of armies and use whatever I learned here to make them come true. As much as I hate to admit it, armies shaped the person I am.

Not only are we waving goodbye to leader Zamb, but also to the Elites army as a whole. With their shutdown scheduled for next Sunday, will they manage to go out with a bang? What’s next for retiree Zamb? For how long will he continue his position at the Army Hub before leaving the community for good?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


4 Responses

  1. nothing is next for retiree zamb i hate it here


  2. awe zamb its so odd to realize i have known you for most of my times in cpa, from going to my leader in DB to one of the EPs in CPAH. you def made an impact on me. tysm, and i really hope to see you around ❤ 😦


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  4. […] Elites announced their final event on September 13th, following their victory in the SubZero Army League hosted the tournament. The […]


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