Editorial: Is It Time To Get Over Overtime?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – A common term heard around competitive games is overtime, which is brought up when there is a draw or tie, in question. With the term being circled around the community, this brings up an important discussion of whether or not overtime is really needed.

Disclaimer: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of the CP Army Hub as a whole.

Overtime is when the Judges cannot determine a clear winner from the three rooms that have already been battled through. If the judges have a tie for the first 3 rooms, they often call an overtime room. Depending on the results of this room, there may be more than one overtime room.

The most recent example of this is a recent very closely won battle between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics. With the beginning of this war dating back to August 26th, when the Vikings declared war on SWAT, their battles have been very intense. Since the start, this war has swayed back and forth, with winners being unpredictable and the spectators sitting on the edge of their seats. From the server transfers to double overtime rooms, this war has been interesting but is far from over.

In a battle that took place on the 11th of September, the two armies stood shell shocked as a second overtime room was announced following the first.  The battle lasted 1 hour and 5 minutes, with 2 breaks taken in between overtime rooms. The judges called a verdict of 1-0-4 in favor of the Vikings and the battle included 5 total rooms, ranging from the Ships’ Hold to the Iceberg. Furthermore, Judge Fusion added a personal note in the results stating that this was the “…closest battle [he] EVER judged.

Judges’ verdict.

On the other hand, was this really needed? Why are three rooms not enough for the judges to determine a winner? Being a Judge myself, I understand the confusion and frustration that come with judging very close battles. Especially against two powerhouse armies that are maxing 60-70 each; with lockouts and nearly 100 penguins doing different tactics and formation, it can all feel like a blur.

To learn more from a Head Judge’s perspective, Sophie, graciously gave the CP Army Hub a statement with her thoughts regarding overtime rooms:

I feel like overtime is something that, quite literally, is just there. It’s useful to act as a tiebreaker, but that also brings into the question if we need to tie previous rooms where avoidable. I think preferably the results should be decided within the first three rooms since the odd number is there for a reason. But I can also see how sometimes battles are very close, and you may end up with rooms that are a tie. However, I feel that we should avoid overtime unless absolutely necessary, which, in certain cases, it is. Overall, overtime shouldn’t be made into a common occurrence.

An interesting take on overtime rooms is taken by Sophie, as she brings up that overtime should not be a common occurrence. Overtime should be something done as a last resort, and should not be overused. As this goes into the question of, what do the overtime rooms even show for the armies?

While one may debate that the lengthy battles can show which armies can undergo the intensive duration, but what armies are prepared for an hour-long battle? Is it not common, and rarely seen for an army to have battle training that lasts more than 30 minutes. This being due to battles normally including no more than the typical 3 rooms, 10 minutes each; totaling up to half an hour. On the other hand, overtime can affect armies themselves, as many leaders and members of the higher-command simply don’t have time for overtime.

See the source image

We all have a life outside of Club Penguin Armies, and after slotting out 30 minutes for a battle, members just may not have time to continue on for an additional 15-30 minutes. To hear a little bit more from an army leader’s perspective, the CP Army Hub reached out to the Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader, Crazzy, for her thoughts on overtime rooms:

I have mixed feelings about overtime. Sometimes it’s a drag because I feel like RPF won with flying colors, other times I’m grateful because it gives us a chance to change the final result. We don’t necessarily practice for over time in our trainings but we do notify our troops that they should NOT log off (during battles) until the results are posted. If anything I think overtime, especially in a high stakes battle, is a lot of mental endurance because it’s pretty easy to slip up if you let your guard down. It also sets the bar for troops and staff when you have a leader who is poised and calm during a high stakes situation, people really look up to leaders with those qualities. If the leaders and HCOM who are next in line are all mentally prepared for any outcome, then they will be successful. The battle isn’t over until the judges say it’s over.

Crazzy makes a very strong point of overtime really showing the true capabilities of the army leaders and the higher command, as leading an army for an entire hour can be exhausting. Being able to successfully lead an army for that period of time really shows the strengths of that leader, and proves how well they can do under pressure. With this in mind, a thought provoking objective is brought up. Why does there even have to be a winner? Can we not be happy with a tie in a battle?

This question creates an interesting discussion as there are cases where there must be a winner. Although, in other cases… is it needed? For example, when battling for a server, you just cannot tie and leave it as is. There absolutely must be one army that comes out victorious in these invasions or defenses. On the other hand, for practice battles, I do not believe that there needs to be a winner. Often practice battles are meant to be fun and used in order to better prepare for future battles. Although, some armies have taken this more seriously, believing it is a battle where a winner is needed. This results in overtime rooms being announced and battles lasting longer than needed.

An interesting adaption to practice battles was made by the Army of CP. Led by CSY, the army often hosts their practice battles with no judges and no results, but just a simple sled racing tournament to determine a winner. This unique approach contradicts the recent competitiveness of practice battles, as this gives the army and its troops less stress going into the battle, knowing that there won’t be a winner.

ACP vs. AOS Practice Battle, ending with sled racing tournament

To conclude, overtime is simply overused and is not really necessary in every scenario. A majority of the time, overtime can be avoided and even a Head Judge herself stated that she does not wholeheartedly believe in the frequent use of overtime. When will the discontinuation of multiple overtime rooms start, and at what point will we realize the lack of positives in an overtime situation?

What do YOU think? Is overtime overused? Or is bringing overtime in a valid factor whilst determining a winner?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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