Legoman Army: Isa Retires, Ot_ter and Lydia Join Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Legoman Army Empire – Troops of the Legoman Army bid farewell to one of their leaders, Isa. Soon after, they welcomed in two new leaders both of whom hail from the Templars. How will the Legoman Army thrive under these new commanders?

Isa began his Club Penguin army journey by joining the Golds. He remained a member for 2 months, until moving to the Fighter Pilots for a staff position. Isa joined the Ice Warriors and the Legoman Army and acquired a staff rank in both of the armies. However, he made the decision to step down after being promoted to Lego Leader just four days ago.

Ot_ter first joined Club Penguin armies in January 2020 and enlisted in the Tree Cult. She later joined Redemption Force, eventually ranking up to a leadership position. After enlisting in the Ice Warriors as Third In Command, she finally moved to her current home in the Templars, along with her new position in Legoman Army.

Lydia made her entrance into the army community by joining the Doritos of Club Penguin in late December 2019. She reached the position of Fifth in Command but then transferred to the Ice Warriors. After joining the Redemption Force and reaching a Second In Command, she joins the Templars and ranked up to Leader in Training. Along with Ot_ter, Lydia has also received a leadership position in the Legoman Army.

Legoman Army’s most recent event, commemorating their leader Isa.

The Legoman Army was created on the 30th of July, 2020. The sole founder Legoman created the army to receive an army leader name glow, but the army is much more than that today. Over time, the Legoman Army has become a notable small army, featuring in the S/M Top Ten.

To learn more about these changes in Lego Leadership, CP Army Hub reached out to Isa, Ot_ter, and Lydia, receiving a statement from each of them regarding their promotion.

Interview with Isa

Why did you decide to retire?

Isa: The reason for me retiring is because I’ve been so busy lately and already started my first year of college. I wanted to not have any distractions (I get distracted too easily), leading to this retirement. I’m honestly so sad that I’m leaving all servers and not being able to chat with anyone. I’ve gotten to meet so many great, sweet, kind-hearted people in my whole time in armies. I’ve only been in armies for about 5 months, but those past few months were the best. I’ve smiled so many times and I had so much fun attending events. And I am really going to miss that. It is so hard to say goodbye because I really don’t want to retire yet, but it is the best thing for me. It also kinda sucks that I only got to be a CP army leader for 4 days, but I’m glad I got promoted. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon to see all my friends again.

Interview with Ot_ter and Lydia

What are your thoughts on your recent promotion to leadership?

Ot_ter: Honestly I never expected I’d be leading a whole-ass Lego army, but hey I got offered the position, what kind of a monster would I be if I declined such a life-changing job? But seriously, I think this could be a way for my two armies to work together. Nothing official ofc- just keeping friendly relations. Myself and multiple other Templars members are quite fond of LMA. I guess Legoman’s jawline is irresistible. It’ll be exciting to see where this goes, and I look forward to doing as much as I can! ❤

Lydia: I joined LMA because I wanted to help grow LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH. The army is really fun and nice and I really liked the people there. So I asked their amazing, muscular, harvard graduate leader LEGOMAN if I can join and he said yes. At that night I was promoted leader and I hope to grow the army bigger and stronger than what it is.

The September Drop has struck again, with troops saying goodbye to their leader Isa. But as Ot_ter and Lydia rise to leadership, it will be interesting to see what will be in the future for LMA.

But what do YOU think? Will Legoman Army thrive under new leadership? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.


CP Army Hub Reporter

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