Legoman Army: Legoman Retires Following Tensions With Ice Warriors

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Legoman Army Empire – Following a conflict with the Ice Warriors, LEGOMAN, who is a LEGOMAN Army leader as well as former Ice Warriors staff-in-training, will be retiring from the community to take a break. Exactly what were the circumstances that led to his sudden decision?

The LEGOMAN Army was created on July 29th by LEGOMAN for the sole purpose of wanting a name glow on the CPPS The army has been very active since their opening, with many of their troops coming from the Ice Warriors, who are their close allies.

Regardless of only being around for a little of a month and a half, the army has seen many very notable accomplishments. This included representation in the SubZero ShowDown, a tournament that the SubZero Army League hosted. Moreover, they would also achieve averages of 15 plus sizes and even have multiple appearances on S/M Top Ten listings. 

A recent LEGOMAN Army event for Isa’s retirement

LEGOMAN joined the community in March, but was not active in army activities until July. His first army was the Dark Warriors until he was recruited into the Ice Warriors on accident, on July 11th. LEGOMAN almost got banned on his first day due to being a ‘troll’ but was the leaders gave him another chance after his friend talked with one of the Warriors’ leaders. Since then, he remained as an active member of the Ice Warriors until the recent incidents occurred, leading to his ban from the army’s Discord server. 

On September 14th, LEGOMAN made a sudden announcement urging members of the Ice Warriors to leave the LEGOMAN Army Discord server after a spat occurred in the Ice Warriors’ main chat. Unfortunately, this dispute led to LEGOMAN’s ban from the Ice Warriors, as well as his break from the CP Army community.

Upon examining the announcement and the screenshots that he released, it appears that LEGOMAN wrote “PRIOR BUMBLE>>>>>>” in the Ice Warriors chat, upon which a staff member immediately deleted the message. LEGOMAN decided to confront the staff about why they deleted his message and advocated that people misunderstood Prior Bumble. This led to his ban from the Ice Warriors. 

Following the ban, LEGOMAN announced in the following in the LEGOMAN Army Discord:

Howdy if y’all are from IW and feel inclined to leave hop on out, I was recently banned for posting “PRIOR BUMBLE >>>>>>” and explaining myself. I repeatedly asked why my message was deleted and I asked a staff members to DM me personally to no avail. I also got screenshots. I guess I made the right decision leaving if this is how they treat members of their server! Ty IW for the memories!!

LEGOMAN defending Prior Bumble, leader of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

CP Army Hub reached out to LEGOMAN for a statement on the specifics of what happened. Due to the length of the message, we decided to add a screenshot of it rather than apply the text. This is what he said:

TLDR; The Ice Warriors banned LEGOMAN, so he’ll take a break from the LEGOMAN Army and leave the army with Pizza Gang for a while

Following this interview, Pizza Gang announced that he would be continuing the LEGOMAN army as the main leader. He is well-known in the community for being a famous personality, podcast host, as well as the winner of the Brightest Bulb award.

Pizza Gang’s announcement

From his interview, it appears that LEGOMAN does not bear any ill will towards the Ice Warriors troops. Instead, he would like to thank them for being such a kind and welcoming army to him. To prevent any more issues from arising, he will be taking a leave from the LEGOMAN Army and employing Pizza Gang in his stead. The question remains. How will Pizza Gang fare as the main leader of the LEGOMAN Army? Will LEGOMAN come back, or is this the end of his term as a leader?

What do YOU think? Did LEGOMAN make the right decision to take a break and leave his army with Pizza Gang? Should he have sent those messages in the Ice Warriors’ main chat? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


7 Responses

  1. WHY PIZZA GANG – Isa Amor (former leader of LMA)




  3. damnn that sucks. as an rfcp member i find that insulting


  4. They fired me for no reason :pensive: -Pizza gang (former leader)


  5. took you guys long enough


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  7. […] in from the Ice Warriors. The LEGOMAN Army and the Ice Warriors shared a very close alliance until tensions rose between the two armies, resulting in LEGOMAN being banned from the Warrior’s server. The army has not hosted an […]


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