Special Weapons and Tactics Move To Major Army

SNOW SHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – Recently, we saw a strong contender in the small-medium army community join the major army ranks. Who might this army be?

On September 14th, the Special Weapons and Tactics, a former small-medium powerhouse, made its move to major status. The army had quite a turbulent history throughout its years. Initially, the Special Weapons and Tactics was a rebrand of the Dark Warriors. However, the Dark Warriors later reverted to their original name, and the Special Weapons and Tactics remained forgotten until Ganger90 chose to resurrect it in 2009. The history of their early years is murky; however, in 2012, they placed frequently in the middle of the Top Ten. Finally, in 2013, they made history by taking the number one spot.

The new CPPS generation of SWAT was lead by Sweater, Zuke, and Jaylen. Before long, they were maxing astounding sizes of 80+ on CP Online. However, misfortune struck as the leaders removed Zuke from power and made a new Discord server away from his reign. After that, Zuke’s SWAT was defaced and shut down. The other newly constructed Special Weapons and Tactics, led by Badboy, was later merged into the Doritos following the shut down of CP Online.

However, SWAT revoked the merge since Ganger, the creator, had not approved the decision. Thus, at the end of May, SWAT made a comeback under the leadership of Sweater, xFastx, Sophy Bee, and Izzy. Although these leaders have since retired, SWAT has significantly grown since then and recently became engaged in an ongoing war with the Water Vikings. This war has lasted over ten days so far, with both armies confronting each other in spectacular battles, facing both victory and loss.

A recent battle for the server Fiesta

Making use of the attention that this war garnered, SWAT has achieved great success with their maxes and the Top Ten ranking. They made the major Top Ten for the last three weeks, placing ninth, seventh, and seventh, respectively. In addition to that, they maintained a consistent 20+ max average, allowing them to join the major army listing at last.

Last week’s Top Ten, with SWAT ranking in seventh place

Fortunately, the CP Army Hub team was able to obtain a statement from leader Coolguy on his thoughts about SWAT becoming a major army.

Last month I said in an interview “We’re sorting things out :slight_smile: ” and sort things out we did. We’ve always been a major army at heart, especially with the history behind us so getting major is something we’ve aimed for since the start. We’ve had our rough patches but we’re SWAT strong. We’re proud to have been able to push SWAT into the major category once again and can’t wait to see how far we can go with it!

The Special Weapons and Tactics seems to be on the rise, reaching new heights, climbing up the major Top 10, and hitting generous sizes. Although they have a rocky history, it seems that they have put it behind them. This begs the question. How will they perform in the future? Are their strong sizes the result of the hype generated from the war, or is their hard work paying off?

What do YOU think? Will the Special Weapons and Tactics continue to be successful in their performance, or will they start to crash after this war ends? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


2 Responses

  1. Huge congrats to SWAT for making major!


  2. Fantastic work, Action!

    Congrats to the SWAT!


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