The Creativity Behind Event Scheduling

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With the September Drop affecting event sizes for every army, it has become crucial for armies to think of creative events to keep attendance up. With multiple armies already holding several themed events, how will these changes reflect on their sizes?

Several armies have been seen combating the September Drop with fresh, new events. Armies such as the Dark Warriors or the Rebel Penguin Federation have hosted weekly event themes, while the Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, Elites, and more have been holding 3-way practice battles as a way to boost morale and attendance.

The Dark Warriors recently held a Disney themed week, splitting into three teams and competing in a fun-filled week of events. These events included Disney themes such as Tangled or Big Hero 6. They also hosted tournament-style games such as card-jitsu, as well as other fun games, including hide and seek. Excitingly enough, the Dark Warriors also closed off their week with a three-way practice battle between their teams and a Disney Ball to celebrate their successes. In the end, the themed events proved to be effective because the Dark Warriors found themselves maxing sizes of 30+ during their Disney week, allowing them to maintain a spot on the Top Ten.

3-way practice battle between the three teams

CP Army Hub staff were able to obtain a statement from Dark Warriors leader Noa about her perspective on themed events.

We have a themed week every month to do something different and more creative than our usual events, and it brings motivation to everyone. we split the army into teams and let our high command in charge of each one of these. This is so they can show their abilities and gain more experience for the future, and also bring a little friendly competition to the army!

Along with these themed weeks, there has also been an increase in three-way practice battles. Partaking in some such battles are the Rebel Penguin Federations’ two divisions, battling against the Elites, and the Ice Warriors’ two divisions, battling against the Water Vikings. In these battles, each side maxed an incredible amount of troops, making each battle a spectacular fight.

RPF Navy vs. RPF Air Force vs. Elites

CP Army Hub Staff were able to obtain a statement from a leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Cosmo, on his thoughts on the success of the practice battle.

The 3-way battle with Elites and our two branches, Navy and Air force was amazing! It was certainly a new thing for a lot of our troops, and it’s safe to assume that everyone enjoyed it! We originally planned to do it with the Water Vikings but their war with SWAT interfered. Thankfully, the Elites were up for the battle, so yes I would say it was pretty successful!

With all of these new event ideas and inspiration, how will armies create events/practice battles to combat the September Drop? Will more themed events pop up? Will three-way practice battles become more popular? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think about the recent influx of new events? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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