The Eagre Foray: Day 10 Results In Two Water Vikings Victories

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The tenth day of battle between Water Vikings versus SWAT war has come to an end. What went down in these intense battles?

On September 14th, the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics engaged in their battles for Jackhammer and Fiesta. Ever since August 26th, after the Water Vikings declared war on SWAT, both armies have been locked in a thrilling yet hard-fought war, invading servers and defending numerous servers.

In the first conflict, SWAT invaded the server Jackhammer, which is owned by Water Vikings. At 3:00 AM EST, both armies stood on the battleground with an equal max of 23 troops.

WV vs. SWAT Battle For Jackhammer

After a harrowingly close battle, with an overtime room, the judges declared the Water Vikings as the winner. They won with a score of 2-1-1. While SWAT won in room one, the Vikings took the win in room two, and the third room was a tie which resulted in an overtime room. The Water Vikings took the win in this overtime allowing them to successfully defend Jackhammer. One of the judges, Fusion, stated the following in his verdict:

In this edition of the Overtime Showdown, Water Vikings came out victorious due to their cleaner formations. SWAT was able to counter well, but not well enough to take down the Vikings in overtime. Great job to both armies, and thanks again for making my job tough.

In the second conflict, the Water Vikings invaded the server Fiesta owned by the SWAT. At 4:00 PM EST, both armies stood on the battle-ground with the Water Vikings peaking with a max of 34 troops and SWAT having a max of 20 troops.

WV vs. SWAT Battle for Fiesta

After a hard-fought battle between the two armies, the results came to be a 3-0 win for the Water Vikings. The battle was rigorous and exciting, one of the judges Amen announced the following about the battle:

Both armies made an impressive effort (like always because this war is taking too long), but overall the Water Vikings were successful because of their size advantage, and not to mention the variety of tactics and cleaner/unique formations. SWAT in rooms 2 and 3 was down 10+ penguins in comparison to the vikings, and their formations began to falter with gaps and slower tactics. Congratulations to the Water Vikings.

Continuing on with the war, the Water Vikings plan on invading SWAT’s Snow Fort on Tuesday, September 15th, at 8 PM EST. In addition to the Vikings’ invasion, SWAT scheduled an invasion of the Vikings’ Wool Socks. SWAT plans on this invasion to take place on Wednesday, September 16th at 3 AM EST. Following the standard of the previous invasions, both are locked, therefore there will be no transfers of servers allowed.

After two well fought and close battles, the Water Vikings have succeeded in invading a piece of land and defending their server. However, it seems that this war has yet to finish. With ten days of brilliant-battles, what awaits at the eleventh day of eagre foray?

Who do YOU think will emerge victorious from this war? Let us know in the comment section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee



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