Mythic and Simmonds Join Light Troops Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Light Troops Empire – Mythic and Simmonds join the leadership of the legendary Light Troops just days after its revival by Jester. What can the community expect from this duo of leaders?

The legendary Light Troops army was created in March 2011 by Ioioluk, who led the army until 2011. During his reign, the Light Troops went on crusades against various armies, including the Dark Warriors, their mortal enemy. The army was then led by Roberto and Waterkid, the first being praised for his recruiting skills, and the latter on his leadership style. During March 2016, the Light Troops maxed more than 100 troops under Waterkid’s leadership, which remains one of the army’s most impressive achievements to this day. The Light Troops unfortunately shut down in March 2017, after six years of activity.

Light Troops pictured during their last battle on the original Club Penguin

Light Troops before their final battle on Club Penguin, maxing approx. 55-60

Epic101 revived the Light Troops in early 2019, in order to create a new competitor on the army scene. He reached his goals almost instantly, reaching astounding sizes of 70-100 on multiple occasions. The Light Troops dominated many armies in battle, such as the Templars or the Help Force. After over a year of ups and downs, the army shut down once more after Disney’s DMCA crusade against the CPPS community in May. Epic101 declared the army “Shut Down & Dead”, encouraging the troops to join the Pirates instead.

Light Troops pictured at their last battle on CPO

Light Troops during one of their final events on Club Penguin Online

On September 13th, a post surfaced on the Light Troops website, announcing a revival by Jester. The post was removed quickly after it’s publishing by an unknown former leader, but a new website has since been created by Jester, leading the Light Troops to a fresh, new chapter. Along with these changes, a duo of leaders was hired, namely Mythic and Simmonds. Both are experienced leaders, seen most recently in the Elites. Mythic and Simmonds were the leaders who revived the army alongside LuciferStar in May 2020. The Elites quickly achieved incredible maxes of up to 45 troops, proving their leadership skills. Mythic retired from armies in June but decided to rejoin after reaching out to Jester out of curiosity. Simmonds, however, has continued as a leader of the Elites, leading them up to their impending shutdown, on September 21st. 

Elites Pictured during their first event after their revival

Elites during their first official event after their revival under the leadership of Mythic, Simmonds and LuciferStar

CP Army Hub staff reached out to Mythic and Simmonds for their thoughts on their new roles, as well as their plans for the army:


Mythic: Hmm I love LT as an army, I was in it once before for a short time, back in like October-November 2019, at the time I was a brand new troop at Templars, and Xing merged into the army when Epic101 brought it back, so I have some ties to the army! As for my feelings about being a new LTSC, I feel pretty great!! At first I asked Jester what rank he would offer me out of curiosity, and I didnt really plan to unretire in all honesty, and when he offered me a position in leadership it admittedly piqued my curiosity. I thought about it for the majority of the day, and I thought (along with some friends who I asked for their own opinions) that it was most definitely a great oppurtunity to help with this newest gen of LT. Light Troops is undoubtedly one of the most legendary armies in CPA history, and I think that along with Simmonds and Jester (and of course all of our staff and troops) we can soar far and wide.

Simmonds: I am very pleased to be joining the Light Troops as leader. They have such a wonderful and rich history and therefore I am very excited to get started there. During my leadership tenure, I hope to have a positive impact upon the army alongside my other leaders. We already have many big plans for this generation of the army and are aiming for the top. I personally hope that we can get all the way to the top of the community and to become a major force. I am very excited to begin this new journey, which I’ll be taking my experience from my time at the Elites with me.

The duo are excited to lead the Light Troops through another revival. How will the Light Troops impact the community? Will they top the leaderboard once again? Jester has returned as a leader alongside the two former Elites leaders. The Light Troops are scheduling an opening event on Saturday, September 19th at 3pm EST. Will they be able to replicate their previous success? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think? What will the third generation of Light Troops bring? How will Mythic’s and Simmonds’ experience help the army shine? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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