New Toppings Added To Pizza Federation: Changes In Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Pizza Federation’s Parlor – The Pizza Federation witnessed a shakeup in leadership as one of their leaders step down, and 2 members of the higher-command were promoted. What will these changes in leadership mean for Pizza Federation as time goes on?

The Pizza Federation was created in 2018 by Penguidae, originally named the “Pizza Bois”. The army soon closed after Penguinade disappeared and left the community. Later on, the army was revived by Chelpopkick, TheWaffle101, TheBreadBoii, Alan 109, and Neptune. This new generation of the Pizza Bois went on to fight in numerous wars including one named The Great Pizza War, which was against another Pizza themed army. The Pizza Bois ended up victorious in this war, but after much fighting, the army was barely standing.

Later on, Cobra joined the army in order to help the Pizza Bois grow stronger. The army started with only a few rogue members but grew to much more, even participating in a war with the Red Dawn Alliance, who fought against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Following the success in the war, the army rebranded to the Pizza Federation.

Red Dawn Alliance

Since their rebranding to their current name, the Federation has been a force to be reckoned with, winning 2 small-medium tournaments in this year alone: the Challengers Cup and the Beach Brawl. Along with this, the army has been seen placing high on Top Ten listings and averaging a max of 20 plus.

Pizza Federation vs. Lime Green Army in Beach Brawl Finals

Since the finals of the Beach Brawl, the army has remained steady, with not many conflicts in army affairs, nor much changes in the army. Until yesterday when one of the well-known Federation leaders’ Snork, stepped down from his position in leadership.

Snork is not new in the army community as he first joined the Templars in 2018. Following this, in 2019 he went on to assist in the formation and leading of the Winged Hussars for nearly 11 months. To continue, Snork led the Pretzels until March of 2020, which was followed by a 2-month break until joining the Pizza Federation. Soon after the conclusion of the Challengers Cup, he received a leadership position alongside Hidcre and R3tro.

In an announcement made on the Pizza Federation’s Discord server, Snork presented his speech and made multiple notes of the reasoning behind this decision. These reasons included wanting to leave in order to improve his mental health, as well as needing to leave in order to focus on school:

Snork stated that he did not want to lead without being able to fulfill his duties as a leader, and therefore will be stepping down to an advisor position. In addition to Snork stepping down from leadership, the owner of the Pizza Federation, Dino, presented him with the Federation Legend role, which is the highest honor in the army. He was granted this award due to his enormous impact in the army as he helped with diplomacy, representation of the army in the CP Army Hub, as well as their Splatoon Century:

Snork has made quite an impact on the army and will not be forgotten by his fellow leaders, staff, and troops. Furthermore, the CP Army Hub reached out to the former leader of the Pizza Federation, Snork, to hear more on his thoughts of his recent step-down from leadership.

What drove you to your decision to step down from leadership and do you plan on returning in the future?

I decided to step down as I’m going through a really busy and stressful time in my life at the moment, and for the sake of my own health, I can’t really focus on leading pzf. I would like to return but I don’t really know when I would, so for now I don’t have any plans.

What was your favorite moment while leading the Pizza Federation?

My favorite moment leading Pizza Federation was probably when we won Beach Brawl. After winning the Challengers Cup we showed cpa that we weren’t a pushover army, and winning Beach Brawl cemented our status as champions. It was a really uplifting moment!

What hopes and goals do you have for the army? Do you think they will do well without you in leadership?

I hope that pzf will continue maintaining the sizes we had during the summer and we can remain active and strong. I have full faith that the current leadership will do fine without me. The new leaders, Light, and Alex are more than capable for the job in their own ways, and I wouldn’t have approved their promotions if I wasn’t certain of it. I’ll still be advisor anyway so I can keep the army on the right track if I need to

Following Snork’s statement regarding his step-down from leaders, he promoted a member of the higher-command to leadership. Lightningmcj, or Light for short, was promoted to leadership under Snork’s blessing, stating that since he started he has done great things for the army, assisting heavily in the SMAU as well.¬†

Light first joined the army community in early May, being recruited into the Recon Federation. However, when the army fell into isolation on May 14th, Light was kicked from the server, along with many other individuals. He then followed a friend to the Pizza Federation where he has been ever since. Alongside being in the Federation, Light also dual enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin, in order to get the experience of a major army and to take part in their famous Training Regiment.

Following his promotion to leadership, Light made a speech which bared many thoughts regarding his new position. Even making notes of hoping to one day take the Federation to new heights and become a major army. In addition to his promotion, coincidently, it was also his 4 month anniversary into joining the army.

It seems that regardless of not being in the longest compared to some of the other leaders, he’s ready to take upon the task of leading and has high hopes for the army. Although, the news does not stop there. Following the Federation Legend Award which was granted to Snork, Dino also promoted another member of the higher-command. Alex_202 was announced as the Federation’s newest leader, who will lead alongside Light, Hidcre, and R3tro:

Alex_202 does not have much army history himself, as he has been loyal to the Pizza Federation since he was recruited on August 7th, 2019. Since he was recruited, he stayed in the Federation and was dedicated to assisting the army to grow. Furthermore, Alex_202 also made a speech after his promotion which made several notes of his commitment to the army, even when they only maxed 4 penguins. In addition to this, he hopes the best moving forward and will try to be the best leader that he can:

Both these promotions were surprising to the army but well-deserved as both individuals have been working very hard to make the Federation strive. To hear the thoughts of both of the new Pizza Federation leaders, the CP Army Hub reached out for an interview from both Light and Alex_202.

How did you feel when you were promoted to leadership? Did you know beforehand, or were you surprised?

Light: Well Snork informed me 2 days ago and we’d always discussed the possibility, so I was aware going into today. But yeah I’ve wanted to be a leader for a long time now and seeing that dream be realized is really cool. It’s a great feeling, especially knowing that so many people don’t make it this far and my hard work has paid off. I’m just looking forward to making my mark on PZF and on the community.

Alex: i was a bit surprised when it happened, it all happened so quickly I just get out of school and I see the announcement that Snork is stepping down (that was the when i first found out, same as everyone else), then we discuss what we’re gonna do then we ultimately decided that me and Light are being promoted.

Do you have any plans for the army being under your leadership and what hopes and goals do you have for the army?

Light: As far as plans go, PZF is currently in the process of its Fall Update and we’ll be expanding our gaming community to have better infrastructure so that one day we can be more than just a Club Penguin army, as well as just making general improvements around the server and website. I plan on helping finish that, but I also plan on making big strides towards improving recruiting in our army, which is a definite weak spot. More importantly, I’m hoping to maintain the outstanding sense of community PZF has while also becoming a consistent power in this community. My first priority will always be the people and their enjoyment–I’m not willing to sacrifice the personality we have for success.

Alex: I dont really have any plans myself, we typically always decide things a group, and I don’t think much is going to change as everyone has a voice in what happens. My only hope is to see PZF grow.

It seems that both of these new leaders are up to the task of leading the army, regardless of not being sure what they are being thrown into. With both having great intentions, the Federation is deeming to have much success going into the future.

On the other hand, the army will deeply miss Snork, but we will still see him around in the CP Army Hub and the Federation acting as an advisor in both. We here at the CP Army Hub wish all the best for Snork in his future endeavors, as well as Light and Alex_202 in their new positions!

What do YOU think? How will the army fare with these sudden changes? Will this help the Federation grow even larger? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief



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