Squeezed for Time: Lime Green Army Announces Shutdown

UNKNOWN, Lime Green Army Territory — After three months of fluctuating activity, the Lime Green Army has shockingly announced they will soon be closing the doors on the current generation of the army.

On April 2nd, the Lime Green Army held a reunion event to bring together members of the LGA family and resurface old bonds. After a successful max 18 event, LGA officially announced they would be making a return. While the generation was initially being led by LGA veteran Moshi29, a brutal coup brought about the leadership of Dino. In the times after Dino’s leadership, the LGA would see varying amounts of activity, with one specific week seeing the limes drop completely off of the Major and Small/Medium Top Tens.

LGA Community Reunion with a max of 18.

Through the good and bad moments of the Lime Green Army this summer, one series of events resides higher than the rest in the hearts of those involved in LGA. The Beach Brawl tournament, a 16-army invitational sanctioned by CP Army Hub throughout July and August, would see the army max sizes of 20+ and ultimately walk away with a 2nd place trophy under the leadership of DMT. The success and euphoria from this moment didn’t last long, however, as just six weeks later the Lime Green Army has penned their final event for Saturday, September 19th.

LGA’s Closing Event is announced.

Club Penguin Army Hub had the chance to speak with LGA Council Member DMT  in an attempt to gather exclusive information on the closure.

What’s the driving factor behind the closure of Lime Green Army?

A lot of troops got too busy and were unable to show up. This was demotivating to our hcom, which slowly fell apart.

Was the decision of closing LGA a hard one to make?

It was only in the sense that we feel there’s always a way to rebuild from collapses. But, we can hold our head high in what we accomplished this summer, and I think it can be labeled a successful generation.

What do you feel is the biggest thing to take away from this generation of the army?

I think that we can be proud of our determination up until when folks had to go back to school. All of the tournament investigations, the attacks from IW and their cronies, and a certain man who’s name ends with S, that is forever obsessed. Our demise is not at the hands of anyone else, it’s at the hands of the age old cycle that kills armies yearly.

Judging by the word of DMT, former commander of the limes, it is apparent that there is no one to blame but time for the shutdown of the army. In a generation that started with a reunion and ended with a CPAH Summer Award for Biggest Rise, those of us with CP Army Hub would like to thank LGA for the memories and wish them all well in their future endeavors.

What do YOU think? What are some of your favorite memories of the Lime Green Army? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.

CP Army Hub Founder


One Response

  1. My favorite memory is being collectively forgotten as one of LGA’s Leaders and Council members by the entirety of CPAH.


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