Templars: Tirodoragon and Astro Join Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire– Recently, the Templars have witnessed a leadership change, with two new faces being added to the mix. How will the addition of Tirodoragon and Astro affect the Templars? 

The Templars have seen a new addition in their leadership, welcoming Tirodoragon and Astro as new leaders for the Templars on September 15th.


We have known the Templars to be incredibly controversial throughout their time in armies. They have been involved in several wars, but right now it appears that they are taking a step back and working on their army. Through the summer they have hired multiple leaders, held larger and greater events, and even worked on how problematic the community sees them as. 

a recent Templars’ event

Tirodoragon, otherwise known as Tiro, joined CP Armies back in 2012 and is an experienced veteran. He first joined the community by being recruited into the Pirates, making his way to Second in Command there. He then was inducted as a leader of the Light Troops,  After Tiro left the Light Troops, he went on to lead the Dark Warriors. After the shutdown of Dark Warriors in 2015, he created an army called the Night Rebels. The Night Rebels was a major success, reaching sizes of 30 plus during its prime. After the shutdown of the Night Rebels, Tiro retired from the community, but is now back and better than ever.

Apart from the addition of Tiro as Templars leader, Astro has also been promoted as a temporary leader, taking the place of Boneless. CP Army Hub was able to get a hold of Astro, and took a statement regarding his promotion.

I don’t have any thoughts really on the promotion itself. What I have planned so far is to be able to understand the mindsets of the other leaders. I also wish to encourage as many new members in the server to come to our events, and to be a personable leader that contributes as much as possible. What I hope for is to learn from the other leaders how to work swiftly and most effective here. A goal I have for the army is to do whatever we have to keep the momentum we have going. I feel honored to be chosen for this position. I feel confident because if I ever suck at doing something I know Templar’s got my back as I have theirs, and I am willing to keep pushing forward alongside them. 

CP Army Hub was also able to get a hold of Tiro, to get an exclusive interview about his promotion.

How do you feel about your promotion, did it come out as a shock?

It wasn’t really a shocking surprise to me. I joined CP Armies back in 2012 and I’m an experienced veteran.

What made you come back and join Templars’ as their leader?

Xing, the Templars’ creator, who was there in LT when I was leading and who looked up to me, decided to bring me back and offered me a leader role in his army. It wasn’t an easy decision because I don’t have much time nowadays as I study Computer Science at the best university in Poland – Jagiellonian University. But after a week of consideration time, I finally decided to step into the leadership.

What are your future plans/ goals for the army?

to do my best to lead the Templars to greatness.


As you can see, they are ready to lead the Templars to bigger and better places in the army community. What is in store for the Templars with Tiro and Astro leading? 

What do YOU think about Tiro and Astro? Will they lead the Templars to greatness? Let us know in the comment section below!


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CP Army Hub Associate Producer



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  1. Ayyyy, Tiro, my pal, comes back! Wish him a good future.


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