The Tide Freezes: Flav Retires from Water Ninjas & Ice Warriors

WHITE HOUSE, Water Ninjas Empire – It’s no doubt that the September Drop is a difficult time for armies and the army community. Following many retirements and leadership changes, the community now bids another farewell to Flav, a Water Ninjas leader, and Ice Warriors staff member.

Flav first joined armies in late 2017, after being recruited into the Pirates of Club Penguin. Due to real-life issues, he ultimately left the army in the summer of 2019. However, during the quarantine in March this year, Flav decided to return to the community and the Pirates, remaining until the shutdown. He also operated as a Third in Command at the Light Troops and led the Crystal Cowboys for brief periods. Under his leadership, the Crystal Cowboys hit maxes of 40+ troops. Since then, Flav had a short stint in the Dark Warriors but soon left to become staff at the Ice Warriors. He’s been there ever since, and his most recent leadership endeavor was reviving and becoming a leader of the Water Ninjas.

The Water Ninjas in a practice battle against the Water Vikings

The Water Ninjas, a legendary small-medium army, had their revival event on August 23rd under Flav. They maxed 18 and chose to become a colony of the Ice Warriors. Since then, they’ve hit strong 10+ maxes for a small-medium army. Unfortunately, the September drop struck again. On September 15th, Flav retired from both the Water Ninjas and Ice Warriors. However, he did not make a public announcement of his decision. Flav served in both armies as a leader and fifth in command, respectively.

The Water Ninjas’ revival event

Fortunately, the CP Army Hub team had the opportunity to sit down with Flav in an exclusive interview to learn more about his retirement.


What were your initial feelings on retirement?

I have been thinking about retirement for many months ever since Pirates shut. But I gave a chance and now starting school the time isn’t there anymore to stay up till 3AM helping armies/army leagues out. It is a shame on my retirement but we will all retire very soon either way. People don’t see that there won’t be a CPAH 2021, on club penguin anyway. Flash is dying in December and the league will have nowhere to go. If it all moves to roblox or something then cool but it will kill the armies, like the closure of CPO nearly killed us all.

Do you think your retirement will have an impact on the armies you’ve been involved in?

I don’t think it will have much impact on Ice Warriors but it will have an impact on Water Ninjas, I was leading many events while also training the new leaders. I’m sure under my advisor guidance they will be fine though, I believe in them.

What are your future plans beyond your retirement, if any?

Well my plans were to retire and only return for Pirates or Light Troops, which were my first armies and I loved them both. And recently, Light Troops returned so I may take a break then return to Light Troops but I’m unsure at the moment.

Is there a possibility you may return to armies sometime?

If I don’t return to Light Troops then there will be a small possibility. Either we go back into lockdown or Pirates return, simple.

Who or what would you say has influenced you the most over the past few years?

There are many people who have influenced me so I will just name them all. Epic, Bucky, Twaseen, Jonas, Iceyfeet, Regan, Alexandra, Madhav, Agent 11, Pookie, Spotty, Erick09, Max, Zamb, Freezie66, Coolguy, Frostty, September. All of these people are extraordinary people. They are either incredibly talented leaders, friends or just talented people in general. My friends Bucky, Twaseen, Coolguy, Frostty, September are very good friends of mine. They are always around and always have my back and they are just class. The leaders Iceyfeet, Regan, Alexandra, Madhav, Agent 11, Spotty, Erick, Freezie, Bucky, Twas, Epic these are all talented leaders that I often look up to. And the talented peeps, Pookie, Max, Jonas and Zamb. These guys are amazing people and deserve to be paid.

Three years after Flav first joined armies, he has made the decision to once again return to his more pressing real-life matters. He states that he may take a break and rejoin the Light Troops, but also that he is still deciding at the moment. Without him, how will the Water Ninjas perform? Will they rise to even greater heights? Or will they slowly wallow into decline without their leader? 

What do YOU think? What lies in store for the Water Ninjas in the future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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  1. Happy retirement!


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