What Would YOU Do: Armies Revived Without Creator’s Approval

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, Army Creators were asked what they would do if their army was revived without their approval.

Whether it be the countless hours of recruiting or gaining staff, creating an army is not easy. Creators take a lot of pride in their creation since they build the army from the ground up. Therefore, an army being revived without the creator’s approval can be disrespectful, as it can be taken as discrediting their work.

Creators were asked the following:

What would you do if your army was revived without your approval?

Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors’ Creator

hmm I think I would be pretty mad, especially if they didnt even bother to ask me for approval. I would definitely approach the person or people that wanted to revive the army, and try to figure out:

1. why they didnt want to reach out to me in regards to reviving the army

2. if they did reach out to me and I said no, I would ask why they decided to revive it even without my permission

I feel like if they had certain motives for the right reasons, I would give possibly them a second chance to revive the army even after initially disapproving of it. I feel like at the same time that can change from person to person though. some creators might be totally against having their army being revived, and they dont want to have any part in the community anymore. while other creators might allow their army to be arrived, but would want to stay as far away from it as possible. but for me personally, I would want to hear out the motives of the people that are trying to revive my army.

TechN9ne, Army of Orient Seas’ Creator

Oh my, well I’d feel half honored and disrespected at the same time, honored because out of all armies they could revive, it had to be AOS, now that’s cool, disrespected too in a way since after all we made the army to what it has become, I mean how hard can it be to just inform us. We’re not selfish, but we’d love to know and see if the people who would run it is worthy of running the army, after all AOS has a fairly decent reputation. Sensei would hate to see it being ran by trolls.

Superhero123, Warlords of Kosmos’ Creator

I consider reviving armies without the original creator permission a very bad act because it’s a total disrespect to the work that was put into the army by its founders. It’s like telling them “you are retired, therefore you have no rights over your army anymore”. I would first communicate with the revived army leader to stop his revival attempt, and if he declined I would publicly denounce his attempt as illegitimate. I have no problem giving people revival rights over armies I created/have full control over, but ask me first.

WWEBestfan, Doritos of CP’s Creator

It would be dependent on who the leaders were, if it was using my website without telling me and the leaders were garbage it would be shut down right away, however if they were decent leaders I would give them the chance to prove it worthy otherwise it would be shut down

Tsanami, Crimson Guardians’ Creator

If I found out that my army was revived without my approval I would join the server of the army and then contact the person who revived it. If the army was doing well and the individual was polite about the whole thing then I would likely approve the continuation of the army under the same name and such. However if they were rude about it instead of having a drama-free conversation regarding it, then I’d likely see what I can do to get them to change to a different name and image

Sapper, Chaos’ Creator

Snap my fingers 😉

The responses received from the army creators really puts the situation in perspective as many of these creators have not faced this situation before. Overall, it seems that each creator would not hesitate to confront the members who revived the army. They would consider this conversation and the state of the army before deciding on whether to move forward or not.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if your army was revived without your approval?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


2 Responses

  1. if janitors were revived i would support it as long as either a legend approved or depending on whos reviving it. if nobody gives them perms, tbh i would just forget abt it and take them off the site or at least ask them for ownership of the site


  2. If HBA was revived without my approval, I prob wouldn’t be mad, just uncomfortable that it was done without my knowledge. If the army was doing alright and the leaders had decent morals, I prob would let the army stay up. Although, if the leaders were not putting up a good representation on the army, prob would either take over or ask them to shut it down. 😮


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