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ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest issue of Know Your Army Meme, written by Editor in Chief Scorpion Demon. In this column, armies marshal their funniest members together as we interview them about the meme culture of their army. Which army will be put under the joke microscope today?

This issue of Know Your Army Meme drags in an army with a mummy uniform. Unfortunately, they are scheduled for shutdown on September 20th, following drastic losses to the September Drop. Yes, the army is the Elites of CP, fondly referred to by its members as the Eltits of CP. Founded by the trio of LuciferStar, Mythic and Simmonds2000, Elites were a force to be reckoned with in the major listings, until their recent drop. Their meme culture is quite well known across the army community, with one of the most acknowledged memes finding its debut in this army. So I decided to threaten ask AustinFraud, Simmonds, Mythic, Zeenie, Mangoes and Tia for an interview about the meme culture in Elites.

What is your favorite meme from your time in Elites?

Simmonds: That’s a hard one. “Yay I came” was very funny and meme-able however some others were funnier. Wonderwall and Cargo was just a whole good vibe and his memes were classic. Fun Austin just produces constant meme-able material. However due to me being very childish, I think Eltits is the best Elites meme. Especially when people edited our discord name to “Eltits army of CP”.

AustinFraud: Hard to say because we have a multitude of memes, but the meme that stands out is the Eggman meme and it never gets old. One might ask the question “What is an Eggman?” let me tell you, Eggman is a baby penguin+egg. I discovered the Eggman emote in brookee’s statuses. The Eggman emote scares me, it just looks weird, I have had nightmares about Eggman. The elites troops found out my fear of the Eggman, the eggman supporters grew within a couple of days. Whenever i open discord, all i see was the eggman emote. the eggman trend grew all over discord. Now, there are many variants of the eggman emotes. The one and only goal of eggman is to destroy me and my only objective is to destroy him. EGGMAN SHALL NEVER NEVER PREVAIL!

Mangoes: I think we had quite some good memes, but I think the one that has lasted the most and is always funny, is the eggman one. It’s actually very funny when u come to the chat and just use any eggman emote. And Austin just pops put and starts saying NOOOO and EGGMAN SHALL NEVER PREVAIL. We think it is still funny and it will always be

Mythic: Ok so the best meme in my opinion is the “YAY I CAME” tactic, it started out on one ausia event and Austin was extremely late because he overslept while taking a nap and his tactic was “YAY I CAME” I actually set that as my profile picture for a very long time

YAY I CAME – The Beginning

What is the LuciferBot meme?

AustinFraud: The LuciferBot was a unique meme, haha. Well, it originates from our CPPS called the “ElitesCPPS” in which I named the welcoming bot “LuciferBot”. The Bot followed you in each room you enter, it was programmed to do that. Since Lucifer was heavily busy with CP Army Hub, He usually did not come to events, so I told the troops that “If you miss Lucifer, just log onto the game and you will see the man himself following you in every room you enter”. The LuciferBot was later given the clothes that Lucifer wears and we would see him in every room creeping us out. The LuciferBot never missed out on any events and the bot would move whenever it saw a hot girl in the game, yes, the bot simped precisely like the real Lucifer

Mangoes: LMAO I REMEMBER THIS it was a bot in the eltits cpps which usually logged on when lucifer didn’t and it kinda ruined somed of tactics cause it was a gap and also some pics and yeah it was naked luul

Mythic: Luciferbot was the way that the army of Luci simps, that made up the elites of cp felt as if Luci wasnt missing from our event, as the CEO of cpah he had big things to do and he was way too busy for the army that he himself decided to revive ig, he got too big for his britches when the army of simps decided to name our personal cpps’s bot the “LuciBot” while weirdos who missed him for some reason used him as a reminder that Luci would always be part of elites… or something like that.

I’ve heard a lot about James, but I’ve never seen him more than once, who exactly is James?

The Real James attending the SubZero Showdown Finals.

Mythic: James is a unique and amazing part of Elites Gen 8 history. He was our first ever 2ic and he’s actually an IRL friend of Simmonds’. For a really long time I thought that James was just Simmonds’ alt because he only ever spoke in the discord at the very very beginning of gen 8, and only showed up to the first few events, so I made a meme about the mysterious James18120 (who at that time I suspected was simmonds alt) it was later revealed that James was actually a close friend of Simmonds from back in og CP and even IRL. Also one day S Cargo 2 came into the Elites server on an alt that he named James18120 and thats when we made the James Warriors server, and ever since then James18120 has been one of Elites’ greatest memes

Simmonds: James18120 and me go way back in the Club Penguin Army Community. In 2013, we both created an army called the Dark Champions. We led them all the way to the bottom half of CPAC and maxed a healthy number of troops online (20). This generation later died out because of school. We both created the 2nd generation in 2014 although it was not as long and successful due to circumstances regarding disputes and defacement. James was an outstanding tactician and hard worker and always tried his hardest for the army. He was certainly one of the best I have led with and is my best friend in real life. Most recently he joined the Elites only to help out on occasions and in important battles such as tournaments. I’m not sure if he will ever properly return, I guess we will have to see.

“Wonderwall”, by Oasis, seems to be very popular in Elites, how did it first make an entry into your meme culture?

SCargo2 claiming an ability to listen to wonderwall for 48 hours.

Zeenie: Wonderwall happened to be one of the favourite songs of our Emperor Cargo. He used to listen to it all the time and would even write the lyrics in the main chat There was also a Wonderwall role added in the bots command and the first 5 people to get the role would get the opportunity of hearing Cargo sing the song. Elites also had a Wonderwall event where in the tactics where the lyrics of the song. Firestar was leading the tactics and he forgot to say the main line of the song “And after all you’re my wonderwall”. Since then, Wonderwall has become quite famous in Elites.

Elites Wonderwall Event

Mangoes: uhm wonderwall started cause cargo used to hear that song 24/7 and he even came to the chat and typed the lyrics. Oh, they even added a role called wonderwall lover and it costed some money but in reward, cargo would sing the song for u in vc if u were one of the first 5 to get it (i got the role but cargo never sang for me

“Who tf is gugspugs?” Why do people keep asking this question in the chats?

Tia: so gugspugs is my user name i picked when i was like 9 or something and basically Cargo started some joke cos he kept asking who tf was gugspugs in elites when he was leader because instead of having my name as tia i had it as gugspugs and after that it just blossomed like cargo even made a gugspugs detective agency or something lmaoooo

Who is the person who gets memed upon the most?

Mythic: The person who gets meme’d on most, as far as I’ve seen is Austin, he has had many memes about him, from the eggman emote that he so completely adores, to the fact that he was LiT for over 2/3rds of his tenure at Elites. He’s a great guy, but he just makes it too easy to tease and meme him. Also on a smaller scale me, too many of my troops keep calling me a boomer and it makes me cry :sob:

Zeenie: what about oldie :awe:

Mythic: that too :wary:

The impending shutdown hasn’t in any way detracted from the legacy of the Elites. Even today, the members reminisce the joyful memories they had in this army with no regrets. Certainly we can say that this army has one of the best meme cultures seen in this community, with a rich array of historic and unique jokes. Let us hope that its members continue to enjoy their future just as they have in Elites. Unfortunately, this issue of KYAM comes to an end here. Oh, and as usual, it ends with more memes!


Bot Commands >>>>> Events

In reference to AustinFraud being the longest Leader in Training in Elites History, and perhaps the third longest in army history.

Scorpion Demon
CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief



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