Crystal Cowboys Appoint Four New Leaders

DEEP FREEZE, Crystal Cowboys Empire – Significant changes occurred within the Crystal Cowboys leadership this week with the inaugurations of four new leaders. How will the army fare with these leadership additions?

The Crystal Cowboys, formally known as the Coup Crusaders, was formed in May by Stevos, Earthling, Olimad3 and Storm. Since their creation, they have been through several high pressure situations. From a run in with the Army of Club Penguin, to colonizing with the Ice Warriors, and then splitting off and allying with the Doritos, they just can’t catch a break. Throughout all these situations the army saw several leadership shifts. Recently, the Cowboys welcomed Legoman, Toxic Storm, Olimad3, and JuicyJames to their leadership team.

Crusaders maxing 40 plus for an event

Toxic Storm has an extensive army background. He joined CP Armies back in 2014 through the Shadow Troops. He came back six years later to join the Help Force and made his way up to Fifth in Command. Soon, he left the Help Force to join the newly revived Shadow troops as their Fourth in Command. He continued there after the army rebranded to the Golden Guardians before leaving in May. Next, he joined the Coup Crusaders on the very first day it was it was created, as its leader. Later on, he also joined the Special Weapons and Tactics in May and is Second in Command there. He joined the Elites as staff for two weeks after he was couped from the Coup Crusaders. He is also a Water Vikings Veteran.

Legoman joined the community in March. His first army was the Dark Warriors, until he was recruited into the Ice Warriors by accident on July 11th. Legoman almost got banned on his first day but was given another chance by one of the leaders. However, recent incidents led to his ban from the army’s Discord server. He is also the creator of the AMONG US ARMY and the LEGOMAN ARMY.

JuicyJames joined armies back in 2017. His first army was the Club Penguin Crew where he made his way up to Fourth in Command. He joined the Romans in 2018 as their Fourth in command. He retired in the following year, but returned in 2020 to join the Shadow Troops, currently known as Water Vikings, making his way to Third in Command. JuicyJames is also one of the creators of the Coup Crusaders, which he led for a short while. He is back as their leader now.

Olimad3, also known as Oli, was a former Coup Crusaders leader until he was removed from his position. Following this, he joined the Army of Club Penguin and was a moderator until retiring a few months ago. Before this, he was in numerous armies.


A Recent Crystal Cowboy’s Event

To gain a deeper insight behind the mass promotion, CP Army Hub reached out to Crystal Cowboys leader Coolguy for a statement:

I’m glad have have the original team back, including Earthing as advisor. We all had our differences but have worked damn hard in this community and in cc. I can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together. Legoman is also a great addition to the team and I’m so glad that he decided to join us on this trip and we’re lucky to have him. Never underestimate anyone because that person could well be the underdog that we’ve all wanted to see.

CP Army Hub was also able to get a hold of JuicyJames, Storm, and Legoman to get an exclusive interview about their promotion.

How do you feel about your promotion to a leader? Did you expect it or did it come out as a surprise?

JuicyJames: Came out as a surprise honestly

Legoman: Lmao it was pretty out of the blue! I was in sad boi hours after getting banned from IW and just kinda got a DM. I was a little confused cause I didn’t really know that much about Crystal Cowboys, but I was like AYYYYYY A NEW JOB! I’d already been an Advisor in CC, and it was allied with LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! so I was a little familiar with the army and I was eager to find out more!!

Storm: Well i didn’t really expect it , since i myself wasn’t returning ,because i decided to move on and do other things

What are your plans/goals and hopes for the army with you as their leader?

JuicyJames: I hope to get make this army bigger and stronger so that one day we’d be one of the best armies to exist.

Legoman:I’m glad you asked that!! I plan to engage in lots of Instagram recruiting (an art which I have perfected) in order to get new members to the army.  I also partake in Zoom Call recruiting and will be implementing that into my strategy as well.  I’d also like to reach out individually to our troops, as they don’t seem to respond to mass pings, and get them more active.  YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!

Storm: well there aren’t any plans at the moment , but i hope i could bring CC back to its former glory with the rest of the leaders that i have lead with for a long time and the new ones.

The Cowboys hope that their new commanders will help them reinforce the leadership of the army. It will be interesting to witness how these new leaders blend into the army. Will they really help make the army stronger? Only time will tell how this current scenario will play out.

What do YOU think? Will these leadership changes be enough to propel the Crystal Cowboys to the top again? Can it gain reach new successful heights? Let us know in the comments section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter



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