Drifting To The Other Side: Honda Leaves Red Ravagers For SWAT

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Empire – Honda, a co-creator and one of the main leaders of the Red Ravagers, decided to step down from the leadership and his position in the army. Following his retirement announcement on September 17th, Honda chose to defect to the Special Weapons and Tactics as a Leader in Training.

Honda started his army career as a Rebel Penguin Federation troop in February 2020. Later on, he decided to leave the Rebels and joined the Dark Bandits, ranking up to Fourth in Command. Near the closure of the Dark Bandits, Honda and Maxine, who was also a member of the staff, created the Red Ravagers together. The Ravagers consisted mostly of former Bandit troops at first, but they grew at an impressive pace with Honda in the leadership. Since then, they have consistently appeared on the Major Top Ten in the past month, becoming one of the strongest small-medium armies in the CP Army Hub.

The Red Ravagers maxing 23 at one of their most successful events

With Honda at the helm, the Red Ravagers have hit highs of 23 troops and maintained a steady 10+ size overall. They were able to advance to the semi-finals of prominent tournaments like the Beach Brawl, an S/M tournament hosted by the CP Army Hub, as well as the SubZero Showdown, hosted by the SubZero Army League. They also own seven pieces of land, placing them in the lead in the small-medium army community. However, despite the successes that Honda has achieved with the Red Ravagers, he has chosen to step down and join the Special Weapons and Tactics instead. On September 17th, he announced his departure from the leadership with the following message:

Honda’s announcement in the Red Ravagers Discord server

CP Army Hub was able to get a statement from the sole remaining Red Ravagers’ leader, Maxine, on the loss of her fellow co-creator.

I’m glad to see Honda moving on. He was a pain to work with but once you get over how annoying he is (sorry Honda, you know it’s true), he is a very smart strategist, especially when it comes to foreign relations. I don’t think I could ever do what he does, but I can sure as hecc try.

CP Army Hub also had the chance to sit down with Honda in an exclusive interview and discuss his decision to leave his home army.

What caused you to retire from the Red Ravagers?

I retired because i felt that although RR will always be my home, I can’t keep up the way I lead it forever. There were multiple incidents where I felt that my leadership was being overlooked by the rest of the army and I hadn’t made as big of an impact as I felt I did. I also know that I cant stay there forever, so I went to look for a new place I could use my leadership skills.

You have had a considerable impact on the Red Ravagers. How do you think it will do without your leadership skills?

I think they should be able to last a fair while without me regardless of my leadership, I expect there will be a few difficulties but I’ve taken a position of guardian in RR so I can monitor all issues and the progress of RR. I’m sure Maxine and whoever joins her in our HCOM will do their best job.

Why did you decide to join SWAT?

Well i have a good relationship with a majority of the leaders in SWAT and have always liked how they perform. Sure it may be a little weird seeing as I defended against them in their war with the Superstars but we’ve pushed aside our differences and have formed a great bond. I’m excited for everyone to see what I bring to the table.

Would you like to elaborate on that? What are your plans in SWAT?

My plans as LiT obviously begin with becoming a main leader in SWAT and I plan to help repair the image SWAT has received in recent times. I can’t do everything but I’ll do the best I can to make my mark at SWAT and hopefully as a SWAT leader. Helping in this war against Water Vikings will be a main priority as of right now but there will be much more to follow, some things I will not reveal yet.

Although Honda has retired from the Red Ravagers, it appears that he will be moving on to SWAT and continuing his army career there. With his departure, the question remains: will the Red Ravagers be able to keep up their Top Ten streak and continue rising to new heights? Or will Honda’s retirement cause dread among the red? 

What do YOU think? Will the Red Ravagers be able to handle this big leadership change? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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