Prior Bumble Retires From Recon Federation Leadership; Coolj Promoted To Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Recon Federation Empire – Just days after Commander in Chief of Recon Federation Prior Bumble was awarded the role CPA Legend, he retired from his position, promoting Coolj to Commander. 

Just one day after the Recon Federation celebrated the induction of their leader Prior Bumble as a CPA Legend, Prior has stepped down from his position. Although, following his retirement, he was removed from the Legends page. Prior Bumble is the creator and, former, sole leader of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, creating it in June 2019. Throughout its existence, the Recon Federation has been at the center of scandals and wars, putting them at the center of constant controversy. Throughout everything, RFCP has survived, finding themselves at the top of the small-medium Top Ten listings several times. Will this change with the departure of Prior Bumble?

A practice battle against the LEGOMAN Army, maxing 14 penguins.

Throughout its existence the Recon Federation has been through several wars, some of the most notable being a war against the Lime Green Army in July 2019, a war against the Army of Club Penguin in October 2019, and a war against the Rebel Penguin Federation in July of 2020. Prior Bumble has led RFCP through everything, and his army is sad to see him go.

Prior’s announcement in the RFCP Discord server

The CP Army Hub staff was able to get ahold of Prior Bumble for an interview regarding his recent retirement.

How do you feel about your retirement?

Full of love, gratitude, and peace. And of course, powerful as ever.

Do you ever see yourself coming back to the community?

Granvar R granvar. Al T suul ether.

(Loosely translates to “I am who I am. This battle will never end.”)

Where do you see RFCP in the future after your retirement?

Ten years from now, if Club Penguin Armies are alive, RFCP will be huge, thriving, and happy, and I will look back on it with a full and proud heart like the eternal father I am.

With Prior Bumble’s retirement, comes the promotion of a new commander, Coolj. Coolj joined the army community in late August of 2019, after being recruited into the Recon Federation. Ever since, Coolj has been making his way up the ranks, slowly climbing his way to the top. CP Army Hub was also able to get an interview from Coolj, regarding his thoughts on his promotion.

First off, were you expecting to be promoted to commander?

Yes, i knew a retirement was coming and that i was next in line

Do you have any big plans for RFCP as its leader?

I want to build up a bigger and stronger max and i just want to have fun with other armies

Where do you see RFCP in the future?

I see it being a major army with a strong max in all events

It is most certainly the end of an era with the departure of Prior Bumble. How will the Recon Federation adjust with a new leader at the helm? How will Coolj’s leadership change affect the way that the Recon Federation is seen by the community?

What do YOU think about this sudden change in the Recon Federation? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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