The Black Sea Battle: Dark Warriors vs. Army of the Orient Seas

WHITE HOUSE, Battle Ground – 2 very strong armies went head to head today in a battle of the Black Sea, resulting in a nail-biting feud. Regardless of the close battle, numerous things stood out to the judges as they announced the results. What part of the winning army’s performance drove them to their victory?

On September 19th, the Army of Orient Seas and the Dark Warriors logged on to White House for a battle of the Black Seas. The battle itself was held at AUSIA hours, which is the AOS’s strongest division, proven with their max of 38 in this feud. On the other hand, the Warriors logged on with a similar max of 33 penguins logged on.


The armies hurried over to the Cove to begin their much-anticipated battle, this room was by far the closest as stated by the Judge. The Warriors began this room with an overpowering bomb that was exchanged upon entry. Throughout the room, the Warriors did cover up a lot of the Orient Seas when performing tactics, although the Orient Seas countered this with cleaner and faster tactics. Therefore with these reasons, the room resulted in a tie between the two armies.

Room 1: Cove

[Snow Forts]

Following the first room, the armies waddled on over to the Snow Forts where they began the next room of the battle. At this point, the Orient Seas also saw an active rise in their max. Compared to the previous room, the Orient Seas displayed with much more representation as the Warriors were not covering the army anymore while performing tactics. This room was also close and intense, although, the Warriors were not able to take over this room due to the Orient Seas’ faster and cleaner tactics.

Room 2: Snow Forts


For the final room of the battle, the armies scurried over to the Iceberg which is where the Orient Seas had peaked at their max and overtook the Warriors. During the duration of the room, the armies performed similarily with speed, as one army would be faster, but a few moments later the opposing army would takeover with speed. This occurred numerous times throughout the room which made it another close call for the Judge. Although, with the Orient Seas’ cleaner formations and tactics, they were able to take the win for the third and final room of this battle.

Room 3: Iceberg

Concluding the battle, the unaccompanied Judge, Sarahah, announced the verdict, which resulted in a 2-0-1 score in favor of the Orient Seas. As stated in her verdict, the Judge ruled the win for the army due to cleaner formations and faster tactics:

This battle was nail-biting as both armies logged on with high maxes and showed spectacular performance, complimenting one another nicely. Although shockingly, the small-medium sized Orient Seas’ waved over the major sized Warriors, easily in this difficult battle. Will this be the beginning of a new dawn on the Orient Seas’ success? 

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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