The Crime Syndicate Returns: Most Wanted Make a Comeback

SABERTOOTH, Most Wanted’s Capital – One of the most criminal armies of all was revived late last night following an opening event. This army was very successful in its first generation, but will the second generation show the same, if not more, success?

The Most Wanted Army was created by KJ Honey and XWICKEDX on December 15th, 2019. Wicked rejoined the army community by joining the Doritos of CP but was eventually was removed from the army. Following his removal, Wicked, alongside KJ Honey created the Most Wanted, in order to run an army how he pleased. The army itself gained a lot of support and success fast as troops enjoyed how the leaders were leading.

Throughout their time being open, the army saw much success as they peaked at an astonishing 65 plus event max. Regardless of not being around that long, the army even participated in a war against the Penguin Defense Force, in which they were successful. In addition, in less than a month, the army successfully invaded and held 4 pieces of land under the CPO Army League:

Most Wanted invasion of Mammoth

The army gained much support which eventually led to a strong allyship with the Doritos, along with other armies such as the Royals. Eventually, due to conflicts between leadership and the CPO Army League, the army was banned from the league, thus influencing their shut down on January 26th, 2020. Following the shutdown, most of the army’s staff and members went over to the Doritos to continue their army career. 

Doritos and Most Wanted Allyship

The Most Wanted army was revived on September 18th by Fusion and Quinn, who were former staff members of the army when they first opened, as well as Vivala and Erika. The army held its first event, which was their opening event on September 18th at US hours. The army maxed 15, and immediately following this event, they registered the army under the CP Army Hub

Most Wanted first event.

The leaders of the army consist of the revivers: Fusion, Vivala, Erika, and Quinn. All with split army history, as both Fusion and Quinn come from the Ice Warriors, both currently holding high-command ranks. On the other hand, Vivala currently holds a Second in Command position at the Water Vikings and lastly, Erika joins in from the Elites as she holds a Second in Command rank. In addition to this, all 4 army leaders have experience with leading, as Quinn led Hold Bugs Army, Vivala led the Doritos, Fusion led the Coup Crusaders, and Erika led the Royals. 

The split leadership is a surprising factor since the Warriors and the Doritos have not been on good terms since the middle of this summer. However, with this army coming together, this may be the thing that unites these two powerhouse armies together.

The CP Army Hub was able to catch up with one the revivers of the Most Wanted Army, Quinn, to hear more about to revival and their future plans!

Why did you and the rest of the revivers decide to revive the Most Wanted Army?

Well I think the main reason we wanted to revive Most Wanted was the memories me and fellow MW veteran, Fusion had within the army. As most people know Most Wanted was short lived in the days of CPOAL, and we thought CPAH was a good opportunity to try and revive it and give it a proper second chance at being a strong army.

What plans do you have for the army moving forward? Do you have any hope and goals?

Right now our main goal is getting some land of course, as well as building a strong HCOM. We’re fortunate enough that we have a lot of great friends in the community that when asked to be apart of this journey, were more than eager to help in any way they can! We also would like to see this army thrive a bit longer during its second run, but I’m sure there will be no issues there :wink:

Many armies are beginning to shut down and see effects due to the September drop, do you think that this will impact the army?

I think having a lot of active members in our army right now is going to help fight off the September drop for the most part. Being in other armies I have seen the affects of the drop, but hopefully we are able to keep a consistent size during all of this!

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding the revival of the army?

I guess all I have left to say is I hope everyone is as excited as we are to get this army up and fully running! I know there’s been talk for a couple months to revive it and now that it’s finally revived, I hope the hype and curiosity of the army’s return sticks around!

There is a lot of potential possible while going into this revival and all 4 leaders are in the higher-command of 3 major armies. With most of the leaders being former small-medium army leaders, it’s very possible the Most Wanted Army can see a skyrocket in activity in the weeks to come. Will the leader’s difference of armies put a wedge between their army? How will the drop in activity affect the army?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  2. guys whoever named this army needs to stop copying dc


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