The Final Flight: Ana Retires From Fighter Pilots

ALPINE- Fighter Pilots Capital- The September drop is a difficult time in this community. With many people’s real-life responsibilities piling up, it is no secret that this is a tough time for armies across the board. Lately, we have seen many leaders retire from this community, the latest being Ana of the Fighter Pilots.

On September 18th, Ana took the departure flight to Retirement Island. Ana got her start in armies in March of this year after being recruited by the Templars. She remained there for a few weeks but later decided to leave, making the choice to join the Golds in April. She stayed with the Golds Empire for a month until she assisted with opening the Fighter Pilots in May, alongside Semi and Jenn. Although her army history isn’t as lengthy as some of the other leaders that have retired recently, she was still able to have an incredible impact on the Pilots and in the community during her tenure in this game.

Ana’s retirement announcement, posted in the Fighter Pilots’ server

Under Ana, Jenn, and Frostty’s leadership, the Fighter Pilots saw a plethora of new, soaring accomplishments. They reached new heights in the small-medium Top Ten within the last few weeks, achieving the ninth place at their best, while also consistent maxes of 15-20 troops. Moreover, the community got to witness an impressive display from the Pilots in the Beach Brawl tournament, where they were able to advance further than many had previously expected them to. In addition to this, they’ve had fairly successful outcomes in battle, such as defending their server Aurora from the Army of the Orient Seas.

The Fighter Pilots’ defense of Aurora

On September 18, the Pilots hosted one final event to wave goodbye to their dear leader, Ana. The event was able to carry a new highest max for them, peaking at 35 troops. During the event, it was clear the love the Pilots have for Ana. Shortly after, messages came pouring into the Pilots’ Discord server with messages of well wishes and farewell toward their dear leader. To commemorate her work in the army, the Fighter Pilots awarded Ana with the rank of Fighter Pilots’ legend, ending Ana’s career on a sweet note.

Ana’s final event

Ana will be dearly missed among the Pilot troops, but she is more than confident that the current leadership will carry on the legacy that she paved out for them with shining colors. Just as she envisioned, Ana believes that Frostty and Jenn will bring the Pilots to higher and higher altitudes.

CP Army Hub was, fortunately, able to sit down with Ana in an exclusive interview about her retirement.

Hi Ana! Thank you for agreeing to sit down and do an interview with us! My first question is: What made you want to retire from Fighter Pilots?

I had becoming a lot less active these past couple of weeks. I’ve been getting more hours at my job and usually get home pretty tired. Not only that but I’ve been unmotivated to spend time in CParmies, it’s not how it was when I first joined.

How do you think Fighter Pilots will respond to your departure?

Well they’ve been doing great. Frostty recently stepped up as leader while I was on leave for a bit and we promoted some of our staff as well. I don’t see any changes happening soon in response to my departure but I know they’ll be fine in whatever they do! FP is in good hands with Jenn and Frostty as leaders and Fusion as an advisor (;

What has been your favorite memory whilst leading Fighter Pilots?

Of course there’s a lot of amazing memories, but the one that stands out for me was our defense of Aurora against AOS. The land has some sentimental value to me so I really didn’t wanna lose it. Our members and allies really showed out to help us defend and I actually lead the entire battle myself. We ended up winning 3-0. It was amazing!

Do you plan on returning to the community?

I don’t plan on returning to the community. From here on out my responsibilities will continue to grow. I’m hoping to go back to school to get my Master’s in Bilingual/Bicultural Education. So that, in addition to my regular job and other things, will take up most of my time. I will still stop by once in a while to see how things are going, though.
Ana has had quite an impact on not only Fighter Pilots, but the community as a whole. Although retirements tend to be a sad thing, it seems that Ana is leaving on a happy note, mentioning many happy memories she’s made with her army. The question remains. Will the Fighter Pilots continue to soar to new heights, or will the loss of a beloved creator send them spiraling? 
What do YOU think? How will Ana’s retirement affect the Fighter Pilots? How will they fare after losing one of their founders? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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