Water Vikings: Wackyjacky Retires From Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In yet another edition of the September drop, the community bids goodbye to Water Vikings commander Wackyjacky, who announced his decision to retire from the army once more.

Wackyjacky started his army career with the Pirates way back in 2011, but it wasn’t with the Pirates that he made his mark on the community. His main armies were the Marines and the Water Vikings, where he worked his way up through the Water Vikings army ranks and proved his loyalty to the army. Five years after joining the community, he finally reached his aim of becoming an army leader of the Water Vikings.

In 2016, Wackyjacky had his first turn at commanding the Water Vikings. During the summer of that year, he didn’t steer the Water Vikings through wars and battles. Instead, he played an essential role in their Legends Cup VII campaign. In this tournament, they beat the Nachos army in the semi-finals before falling short against Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals. The Vikings managed maxes of around 40 to 50 around Wackyjacky’s leadership.

The Water Vikings in the 2016 Legends Cup, maxing 40+ troops and beating the Nachos army in the semi-finals

Wackyjacky returned to lead the Water Vikings once more in the past few weeks but has now decided to hang up his helmet and set ashore to focus on his real-life endeavours. As of late, he has had a significant influence on the Water Vikings’ raging war against the Special Weapons and Tactics, with many of the battles ending in blue victories, hitting consistent maxes of 30+ and even reaching impressive sizes of 47 troops. The latest generation saw him lead alongside fellow leaders Adden, Buddy, Change, Cliff, Fedd, and Revan, contributing to the current war and being of vital importance to their success so far. Unfortunately, with the impending stress of real-life responsibilities, Wackyjacky has decided to retire from his beloved army with the following announcement. 

Wackyjacky’s retirement announcement in the Water Vikings’ Discord server

CP Army Hub reached out for an exclusive interview on Wackyjacky’s decision to retire.

What drove your decision to retire?

College is restarting soon, and I was already quite busy but that’d only make it even harder for me to carry out my duties as leader, so I thought it best to step down before this became an issue.

Understandable. What are your plans for the future? Do you foresee a return to armies or the Water Vikings?

I’d be surprised if I rejoined armies, although I’d never rule it out. If I do come back, it’ll only be to rejoin the Water Vikings, I have no interest in going anywhere else.

How do you think the Water Vikings will fare having just lost you as a leader, especially as the SWAT vs. Water Vikings war continues to rage on?

WV is in a very healthy place right now with a hugely experienced set of HCOM staff and leaders, I think the war against SWAT will carry on just fine in my absence.

Perfect, that’s great to hear. Although it was short, how was your experience leading the Water Vikings again for the past couple of weeks?

It was a lot of fun and I met tonnes of nice people even in just a short few weeks, I am disappointed I couldn’t stay for longer.

Any last words for the community?

Bye for now.

Although Wackyjacky’s leave occurred at a difficult time, he remains confident that the rest of the leaders and HCOM are capable enough to carry on and perform well in their war against SWAT. Will the retirement of a leader during this critical time affect the Water Vikings? Or will they prevail and successfully end this conflict?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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