It’s Revamp Time: Romans Spring Back into Action

UNKNOWN, Romans of CP Empire – Yesterday, the Romans of CP saw an abundance of leadership changes. New faces joined and familiar faces vanished, alongside a revamp in the way the army will host upcoming events. What changed were made to the army? Who does the new leadership consist of?

The Romans were created in late 2006 by a penguin named Explorer7777. The army has since seen many generations and has participated in many tournaments and wars. Regardless of previous generations seeing much success, the generations in 2017 and 2018 were by far the most successful. The Romans were open earlier this year but shut down quickly. The army was officially revived on July 27th by former leaders Dino and Smurf for one more run. Following their first event, which saw a max of 10, the army registered and was immediately accepted under the CP Army Hub’s League.

Romans Revival Event on July 28th, 2020.

Since the army was revived, they have seen many notable accomplishments such as placing on the small-medium Top Ten listings multiple times, as well as participating in the SubZero Showdown and making it to the second round. In addition to this the army participated in many practice battles against armies such as the Army of CP:

Romans’ Practice Battle Against Army of CP’s Divisions Echo and Alpha

Regardless of the feats that the Romans achieved since their revival, the army has seen a steady decrease in activity. Due to this, and multiple other reasons, the army underwent a revamp. To begin, Dino stepped down from the Romans leadership. Alongside him, Games, who was a temporary leader also stepped down. To learn more, the CP Army Hub approached the former leader of the Romans, Dino, to learn more about his retirement:

I’ve chosen to retire due to multiple reasons including school, irl mental issues, lack of motivation, and concerns for my family. I also retired to give Romans new blood. I think a lot of people won’t forgive me for my first term as Romans leader and that’s completely understandable. That’s why I wanted to get Romans to a good position, hire competent people, and fix things up. I don’t want Romans to fuck up anymore. I’m willing to concede my leader position and activity in the community just to see Romans succeed. I still heavily advise and in a way shadow lead but I won’t be handling events, scheduling, and other matters now. I only help with diplomacy (if asked), server/site management, and other emergency stuff. Otherwise I did my work and laid the foundations. I have hope the new leaders can keep Romans ahold.

Instead of leaving the army with only a few leaders, they choose to induct 54x, AishaJabz, and Gilgamesh into their new leadership team. All of the new leaders have their own skill set that will greatly further the Romans’ legacy and may lead the Romans into a better era. These leaders experience is quite notable, as 54x held a Third in Command position under the Doritos before retiring to focus on his rank in the Romans. To continue, Aisha is a current Second in Command of the Doritos, having held similar ranks in other S/M armies. On the other hand, Gilgamesh has a much older experience, as he used to hold a Second in Command rank under the Snow Ninjas in 2012.

To learn more regarding the new leader’s induction, the CP Army Hub approached the three new leaders regarding their thoughts on their new position:

54x: I, for one, am extremely excited to be leading the Romans alongside Aisha and Gilgamesh and with the guidance of former Roman leaders and the advisors. I plan on restoring the Romans to its former glory. I want to usher in a new era for the army and re-establish + repair its reputation within the league. We plan on ramping up recruitment to get active members and hopefully recruit more active and capable staff members. I will use the skills I learned from being high command of the Doritos of CP and skills from Romans owner Ray as well. We plan on hosting many more fun events and becoming a fun and chill place to hang out.

Aisha: So, as i’m usually in bigger armies such as RPF and DCP, Romans is a great challenge for me, as DB in my eyes doesn’t even count, due to our main leader doing absolutely nothing for the army which made nearly all of higher command retire. In Romans, everything is more organised and we all have more of our separate focuses for the army which will help grow Romans in every way possible, Having been in an club penguin armies since mid 2017, i’ve learnt many skills in how to perfect and improve an army. We can all agree that Romans have died a little recently, however with the work of me, Meerrkat, 54x and Gilgamesh and also our great advisors which will help whenever they can, we’ll make sure to change this factor and improve in anyway we can! As though i have retired from DCP, i’ll be putting all my focus on Romans due to DCP being in a much stable place. My own plans is to try and get Romans to max more at our events and reach higher on the Top Ten. Just to wrap this off, if yall are ever free at the time of a Romans event come log on for us and Seize The Night. ❤

Gilgamesh: It is 9:20 PM, and every moment means something. The Romans have existed since 2006 and continue to live on today. I believe this is a sign Romans are meant for great things. If the destiny of Romans is to shrivel and die, why do we need so many generations to do it? Such is the foolishness of a jester!! This is when the new leadership team was sworn in. Remember this date, as it will go down in army history and our tales of triumph will be sung by the poets for aeons forth! I, Gilgamesh, am honoured to be chosen for this, and I vow to make Romans prosper. I hereby swear I shall enforce order, security, and diligence, whilst upholding the values that hold Romans together as one people. I hereby swear to live up to Smurf’s example and to spearhead our Innovative Events Program to the best of my ability. Romans will transcend the traditional army paradigm whilst being known as a mighty army of war. We shall be the shining city upon a hill, and all shall look to us! If you heed our battle’s call and obey our will and reason, then answer my summoning! For God and Country!!!

Alongside these new leadership changes, the army also is planning on making many other changes, such as moving the site’s vendor, creating an innovative event plan, and more. In addition to these, the Romans also witnessed the return of Ray, who will be the army’s owner moving forward.

As the Romans have been steadily dropping in the past few weeks, it can be deemed that this revamp was much needed. With new leadership, comes new plans, as the three new leaders step foot in Dino and Game’s spots. Will these new changes help the Romans gain more success in the following weeks? How will these new leaders fend to their positions? 


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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