Elites Host Record-Breaking Final March; What’s Next For Their Members?

AVALANCHE, Former Elites Capital – Only a week after winning a tournament held by the SubZero Army League, a major army hosted a record-breaking final event before shutting down for good. As the army closed its doors, where are the staff and the members headed?

The Elites were created by 77 Ninja 77 in May of 2008, bringing the army to great heights. Following his retirement, the rest of the leaders went on to depart from the army which marked the end for the very first generation of the Elites. Previous to the most recent generation, numerous others were revived by individuals such as Lordcody56, Flames181, Trickster, 57to, Step up, Khimo, Peep, Supperz, and more. Throughout their years of opening and closing, they had numerous wars, high Top Ten placements, and amazing sizes.

The 8th generation was created by LuciferStar alongside Simmonds2000 and Mythic on May 2nd, 2020. This generation had many successes, including becoming a major army under the CP Army Media, while open, along with being major under CP Army Hub. The army itself saw an average max of 30-40 while its time open, and were seen numerous times on the Top Ten listings since revived.

Alongside these accomplishments, the army received first place in the SubZero Showdown, against the Fighter Pilots, which concluded only a week prior to the army’s shut down.

Elites against Fighter Pilots in SubZero Showdown

The Elites announced their final event on September 13th, following their victory in the SubZero Army League hosted the tournament. The 8th generation Godfathers decided to shut the army down following their tournament victory. The reason for this was the steadily decreasing sizes, and the unavailability of staff owing to real-life commitments. In their view, it was better to close the army down at a strong point than to let it decline any further. The community was thunderstruck following the announcement, as the army’s closure was totally unanticipated. The announcement of their final event received an astounding 84 reactions, which was much more than what the leaders originally expected to receive.

Furthering the influx of troops and allies wishing to bid their farewell, the Elites saw 63 members attend the Final March event that put them in gear for their shutdown. Throughout the event, the armies higher-command shared tactics of memories and goodbyes as well as thank-yous to the troops and staff:

Elites’ Final March.

Even before the event concluded many small-medium sized armies scheduled invasions on the land held by the Elites. All of the invasions were deemed invalid as the army was not officially shut down, and following the event, Mythic transferred all of the army’s land to the Light Troops.

Among Us Army and Golden Troops scheduling invasions against the Elites

Elites transferring all land to Light Troops.

The event was run very clean as the higher-command initiated tactics regardless of what they must have been feeling. To learn more, the CP Army Hub grabbed a statement with the Elite’s legend, 8th generation Godfather, and former leader, Mythic, to hear his thoughts on the shutdown of the army:

Elites was definitely my favorite army, and I’m forever grateful to Lucifer and Simmonds for asking me to help them out with it, and I’m extremely glad that I chose to help them instead of rejecting it like I originally planned to. Elites had tons of potential, and we were all a very closely knit friend group not too long after we started. We faced a lot of problems and hardships along the way but we got through them all and only got better and better. The reason we shut down is because all of the emperors are getting busier in real life, and so is the staff, and this was lowering activity as a whole. Emperors unable to lead events, Staff unable to help recruit and hype chats for events, its was nearly fatal to the army and we didnt want to let the Elites name be dragged in the mud. Zamb informing us that he would have to retire due to irl duties was probably the final nail in the coffin, but its not his fault. I asked for a shut down before Koloway and Zamb were placed in Elites leadership, because while I don’t doubt Simmonds and Austin’s leadership I would never ask them to uphold an army all alone. Armies are tough to lead, and all leaders know this. I love Elites, and I always will, and I’m waiting patiently for someone to bring back the ninth gen (even tho gen 8 only just ended). A lot of people think that armies that constantly shut down and revive are “dying armies” or “temporary armies” but I believe that armies of that sort are immortal, Elites is a forever living army, because no matter how many times it is shut down like a phoenix it will always rise back up.

Although the army is soon to be closed, this is not the end for many of the Elites members, as many of them disperse into numerous other armies. Former Elites Leaders, Simmonds2000, and Mythic join the Light Troops as leaders, as AustinFraud joined them as their Second in Command. On the other hand, the army’s Second in Command, Scorpion Demon, undertook a role as the Army of CP’s Fourth in Command, while Erika went on to revive the Most Wanted Army.

Another one of the Elite’s Second in Command, Sophie, is taking a different approach as she plans on being armyless to focus on her career in the CP Army Hub. The rest of the army’s staff and members went on to join the ranks of various other armies. Quite a lot of them are simply retiring, as they cannot see another army fit to replace their home in Elites.

Furthermore, the CP Army Hub caught an exclusive interview with the Elite’s former leader, AustinFraud, to get more information on the shutdown.

Why did the leaders decide to shut the Elites down?

The main reason of the closure was that the leaders and staff were simply busy with school work and real life responsibilities, without the backbone of an army, the army will not strive in my opinion and the September drop really affected us. The generation 8 godfathers decided it would be best to shut the the best elites generation after winning the SubZero Showdown Tournament.

During the final event, how did it feel leading, as you knew that the army would be shut down following it?

To be honest, I was both happy and sad, It’s actually sad to see an army close down after all the work you have put into it. Elites will have a special place in all of our emperor’s and staff’s heart. The most wonderful thing about the last event is that I saw people from different armies, it really shows you that this community is an one big family. All the love we received after the event was one of the most beautiful moment that the elites family ever had.

Do you think the army will return at one point or another? Or do you believe this will be the final generation?

I do think Elites will come back more stronger than the current generation of they out their heart and soul into it. In the past, elites have been brought back multiple times and they couldn’t achieve great sizes, but they kept on trying to take Elites to the top. The eight generation should be an inspiration to the future elites generations and prove that Elites are superior to all, Inferior to none.

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding the Elite’s shutdown?

Shout-out to our allies for helping us out along the way. Shout-out to the ones who contributed into the growth of elites, you know who you are. Superior to all, Inferior to none!

Clearly, the army was very meaningful to not only the staff and members but to the entire community. The 8th generation of the Elites will remain in the hearts of the CP Army Hub, as we wish the army a farewell. The army had an amazing generation as they reached many milestones, so much that they will not be forgotten. The CP Army Hub wishes all the best for the troops of the army in their future endeavors.

What do YOU think? Is this the final generation of the Elites? Or will the army name be heard again? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below. 


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

3 Responses

  1. Elites forever<3


  2. They say that everything dies two times, once in the physical realm of existence, and then a final death in the memories of the people who were involved in it. If that is the case, Elites will never die as I doubt anyone can ever forget this amazing generation. Salute to all Elites for putting in their time and the effort to make this army the best ever. Superior to all, inferior to none ‘


  3. I love you Elites, and I always will. Thank you for all of the amazing memories. Superior to all, inferior to none! Ily my Elites fam ❤


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