Leadership Dilemma: Legoman Army’s Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Legoman Army’s Capital – Only a few days following major leadership changes in the Legoman Army, more occurred as one leader was removed and another quit. What events caused these leaders to depart?

Recently, the LEGOMAN Army has been in the limelight quite often, as the army has achieved some notable accomplishments. The army was originally created by LEGOMAN, on July 29th. The sole purpose of this creation was to gain a name glow on the CPPS, CPArmies.net.

Since their opening, the army participated in many practice battles and featured on the S/M Top Ten as well. The army used to average 15 troops online, most of their members brought in from the Ice Warriors. The LEGOMAN Army and the Ice Warriors shared a very close alliance until tensions rose between the two armies, resulting in LEGOMAN being banned from the Warrior’s server. The army has not hosted an event since September 13th, when they gathered together for an event for Isa’s retirement:

Isa’s Retirement Event.

On the other hand, the army saw two new promotions the following day. Both Lydia and Ot_ter were promoted to leaders of the LEGOMAN Army following the retirement of the former leader, Isa. These were not long-lived as Ot_ter left her position as a leader without an announcement, in order to focus on her leadership position in the Templars. When CP Army Hub approached Ot_ter for a statement on her leave from leadership, she responded with:

I wasn’t actually leading there anyways haha. I have my own army to focus on, but the shiny leader roles in CPAH and LMA were cute. I’d say I’ll miss the army but that’d be a f*****g lie. not entirely sure if [Rach] is still working there—lego does a lot of things without talking to the rest of his leaders. nothing against him though.

On the other hand, Lydia, who was promoted alongside Ot_ter was removed from leadership soon after Ot_ter. She made note that she opened the army’s server in the morning, and was met with her roles being removed, with no clue why. The CP Army Hub also approached former leader, Lydia, to learn more regarding the situation:

I wanted to help the army and those roles in cpah were hot asfk, just had to claim them. I was waiting for a next event since no one really scheduled events and I knew if I asked I would get turned down. Also I was dual enlisting since I’m in Templars and a Leader in Training. I didn’t want to be in that server when the owner was friends with 2 weirdos that liked minors despite the fact they were adults, I wish Legoman luck on that army since I know he made a new one. I love legoman he is pretty chill just should of gave me a heads up before my demotion. All good things come to an end I guess

Furthermore, to hear the other side of the story, we also approached LEGOMAN, for a statement regarding Lydia’s removal:

Lydia was removed from LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! leadership (along with Peat Suhg Aang) because after my amazing, spectacular, ingenious, wonderful, masterfully crafted stunt against the Crystal Cowboys I realized that I shouldn’t really have people I just met have tons of power. Lydia is chill, and her Spotify is legendary, and I hope to continue pursuing a friendly relationship with her, as I am her Lego-Father-In-Law after all!!

Yesterday LEGOMAN did numerous actions on behalf of the Crystal Cowboys, following his induction into the leadership. Following these numerous conflicts, he realized how having leaders whom he was not close with could be potentially dangerous for the army. With that reason, he decided to remove Lydia from leadership. However, Lydia mentions that she already planned on leaving the army sooner rather than later.

The LEGOMAN Army had witnessed numerous promotions and retirements within the past few weeks, which has impacted the army greatly. With these new departures from leadership, will the army continue to be successful? How will the current leaders fend without Ot_ter and Lydia?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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